Saturday night was homecoming, super fun and exciting! It made me realize that senior year is a year full of 4/4’s, aka lasts, but also lots of firsts or 1/1’s.

It’s the first time (normally) that we apply to college, the first time we get accepted, waitlisted, or denied from/to a college, the first time we graduate (eighth grade graduations don’t count), etc.. It’s also our last first and last day of school, our last homecoming, our last prom, our last pep rallies, our last high school memories.

It is a very bittersweet feeling I get when I think about this. I’m happy to be growing, experiencing new things, and to be moving on to the next part of my life, but I’m also sad to be leaving, to be growing up, to being thrust into responsibilities. Quite frankly I’m also really scared. There’s so much that can go wrong and that I can mess up, but there’s so much that can go right and that I won’t mess up… hopefully. Being a high school senior is very overwhelming, but it’s so exciting at the same time.  

I am very thankful that Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Knapp are our class’ sponsors because they really go above and beyond for us, and I really do think that they make senior year very special for us. 

With all that being said, here’s to a year of firsts and lasts! I hope this year is amazing for each and every one of you, and that your post-high school plans work out! Thank you for so many great memories and I’m looking forward to many more! 

6 thoughts on “Year Number Four

  1. I really liked reading this- I and a lot of others feel the same way as you. Sometimes I think I am ready to leave, but other times I am scared to leave everything I know behind. It is a very changing time for us! I hope you are enjoying your senior year.

  2. I love how even though you know senior year is a year full of bittersweetness. You find a positive to balance it out. I don’t think anyone is ever actually prepared for the emotions of senior year. These are the last few moments of our childhood.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post because I feel the same way about our senior year. So many exciting firsts for us, but so many sad lasts. I liked how you said you are “happy to be growing” but “sad to be leaving” because that is such a great way to describe these bittersweet feelings of senior year.

  4. I really liked the positive tone in this. As seniors, we are all sad in some type of way to be leaving. But there are many good things that you mentioned like experiencing new things. Hopefully we will have a new set of 4/4s to fulfill in college.

  5. I really liked reading your blog! It was super relatable and I actually enjoyed it! This sentence, “senior year is a year full of 4/4’s, aka last, but also lots of firsts or 1/1’s.” I have experienced a lot of those this year. I definitely think this is the most specialist year out of all of the ones I have been through. I really liked how you reflected off of your senior year so far and I think I should too!

  6. I loved this post! Senior year is giving me a lot of contradictory feelings. I’m extremely excited to be moving on to the next thing, but these years of grade school is all we’ve known for so long and it’s going to be strange leaving it behind.

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