Here’s the scene: you are sitting in your living room cozily on the couch, scrolling through an app on your phone, you see something and there is a familiar spark in your brain, almost like the ping of a new notification. Suddenly this thought enthralls you. You cannot get it out. It is nagging at you incessantly. 

What has this got to do with anything? You’re probably wondering at this point. Well, let me tell you. That happened to me on Sunday and I am still thinking about it. It’s fascinating, how long a single thought, memory, or even feeling can stay in our brains at the forefront of our day. 

We get hooked on things so easily in all aspects of our lives. It is part of the reason why we get addicted to things, I think, both innately harmful (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and seemingly harmless (food, technology, social media, etc.). Even if we are told to let it go, move on, don’t think about it, don’t do it, sometimes we still do. I find it absolutely fascinating and mind boggling.  

I feel as though sometimes we, as humans, are walking ironic situations. 

5 thoughts on “Can’t Get You Off My Mind

  1. It’s interesting to think about this. Through excessive use of social media and our phones in general, we become addicted. We find ourselves thinking about that one particular idea all day long. It’s almost as if it just takes over our minds, forbidding us to think about more important things. I found it interesting that you referred to humans as “walking ironic situations.” In many aspects, I agree with you. One thought that I find to be fascinating is that we are often able to remember the things we saw on social media a week ago, but not able to remember what we had for dinner last night.

    1. Thank you Harpuneet! That is exactly what I am saying! These thoughts just take priority over everything else in our minds, and they do not relinquish their grip for what feels like forever. I like how you pointed out how we remember much more about social media than we do about real life, what does that say about us?

  2. I really liked your post. I found myself greatly relating to these situations. Whenever I try to do homework or get something done, I have to leave my phone in another room or else I will see one notification, get distracted, and spend the next two hours on my phone rather than doing my math homework. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much! I totally understand! I get distracted very easily, especially if it’s a notification on my phone. I think that’s why I am so productive in the mornings rather than nights: nobody is awake to distract me.

  3. I loved how you set the scene in the beginning. It drew me in and I continued to read due to the imagery. So many people are addicted to all different types of things without even realizing it is a problem. This concept is scary to me, yet is probably is to everyone because we are all human in the end.

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