Over the weekend I went down to Richmond to cheer on some of my teammates at their relay meet. One of the team moms drove me and one of my teammates who wasn’t running down. On the way there we stopped at target to get glow-sticks, snacks, and socks. “Ready to glow!” I said as I sent a picture of the 300+ glow-sticks we bought to a group chat. 

After a long drive of listening to podcasts, and a stop at a cracker barrel, we finally got there! Once everyone got situated we got out the glow-sticks, and that is when the fun really started. 

I became a human glow-stick, glowing as bright as a star. They were everywhere! Hair, legs, arms, you name it, there was probably a glow-stick there. But that is not the point, the point is that I was so blissfully happy. Cheering for my teammates, coming up with crazy ways to put more glow-sticks on, having pure fun. I felt like a little kid again; I was so happy and giddy. Looking back on it, it’s hilarious, which to be honest it was in the moment too. 

I have not had that type of pure kiddish fun in a long time, and it was refreshing. Smiling and laughing nonstop, it was therapeutic. It was needed.

Everyone deserves to feel like a kid again every once in a while. To feel free, with no stress, feeling purely happy. So grab your own glow-stick and bend, snap, crack, glow, let the glow-sticks go!

9 thoughts on “Bend, snap, crack, glow!

  1. This story was so fun! I found your story to be a fresh perspective, a lot of the blogs have been about a high school artifact, or an organic object. However, your post was just a post of pure joy , about something ,others might see as not a big deal, that brought back this wonderful feeling of childhood. Your diction really brought your feeling of being “purely happy ” to life. Great post.

  2. I really enjoyed your blog post and I feel like I can relate to it. Some of the best memories I have of running is cheering on my teamates. That is one of the things I miss most about running. I also liked how you used lots of figurative language to describe the way you looked and the way you felt with the glow sticks. Sometimes it can be so fun to feel so young and free again. I think that your post was super interesting and different and I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Thank you so much Sydney! Cheering on my teammates and having fun is one of my favorite things about running too! I hope that you can have fun running again one day. I tried to use the figurative language and diction to convey how much fun I truly had.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. School and life brings on a lot of stress for people and it good to forget about it and just have fun. I enjoyed the upbeat and pure happy tone of the post. The language that you used was simple, but yet it had the ability to make me imagine the situation without a struggle. I really liked this line “I became a human glow-stick, glowing as bright as a star”. Hopefully you have more of these fun experiences as the year goes on.

  4. I enjoyed your post and I definitely understand how little things can take you back to your childhood. I completely agree with the statement that “everyone deserves to feel like a kid again,” because even with all the stress we go though, being full of pure joy is an amazing feeling. I also really loved your metaphor comparing you to a glowstick! Overall, I really enjoyed your post and I can’t wait to read more!

  5. So true, Katie! I think that teenagers these days are so focused on their futures that we forget that we are still young and have our whole lives ahead of us. I think that having fun with our friends should be one of our top priorities, and I am glad that you had a memorable time covering yourself in glow sticks to support your teammates. Hearing that you were “blissfully happy” makes me smile because in the moment it sounds like nothing else mattered.

    1. Thank you Emaan! That is exactly what I think too, that we as teenagers tend to forget that we are actually still kids. I also agree that spending time with and having fun with friends should be a top priority.

  6. Your story was different and I liked it. The post really conveyed how much fun you had that weekend. I agree with what you said about deserving to feel like a kid again. Getting a break now and then is a necessity that some people do not realize they need. A weekend like that is definitely a great way to relax.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your originality in this piece! One part that caught my attention was “I became a human glow-stick, glowing as bright as a star”. I can feel your excitement and happiness protruding off the words on my screen. I resonate with what you said about the therapeutic aspects of laughing and smiling; we need more of those moments in our daily lives. Great work!

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