Increasing Cybersecurity Efforts

I decided to send this website to Sandi Dudley. Ms. Dudley works in the marketing department at Iridium Satellite Communications. Having to market products that utilize satellites to carry out their function, I hope that this website helps with her team’s marketing strategies.

I chose a website as my genre because it seemed like the best way to get my point across. Everyone and everything now seems to rely on the Internet. Therefore, creating a website was an easy way for me to share my research, but also for others to easily access it and share it too.

I set up my website in a foundational sense. I started by talking about the two major threats in cybersecurity, ground and space. I then went on to explain the two and how they affect ordinary people. Next, I decided to talk about the underlying problems that are at the root of cybersecurity issues. These include the stereotypes that we have placed on the cybersecurity world, and how everything today is connected to one thing or another. I then ended with a solutions page. This page contains the main points that I wish for people to take away from my website. The page goes over how important it is to stay ahead of problems and think about the “what ifs”, but also how essential it is to share your concerns with other. By sharing any doubts with someone, you allow that person to now be on high alert themselves, and look for any potential issues or feelings of uneasiness.

The website contains much of the same overall feeling you get from my paper, but is far less formal. My paper was aimed at targeting satellite specific issues in the cybersecurity world, rather than getting everyone informed about both ground and spatial issues. I took points from my paper that I thought to be attention grabbers and made those my headings for each section and expanded off of that.

One thought on “Increasing Cybersecurity Efforts

  1. The headings gave your site a good flow and nicely explained the subjects underneath. You did well to explain the information to someone with little knowledge on the subject. Overall, it was an interesting read.

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