Powder Puff

For most Juniors and Seniors, Powder Puff is one of the most exciting events of the year. It is an opportunity for the roles to be switched, girls play football and guys cheer. Unfortunately, there were no cheerleaders this year, but the experience was all the same.

Practice was early and I regretted getting almost every time, but as soon as I got there, the girls made it worth it. Having the juniors practice at the same time as us only increased the already heated rivalry. I can hear the coaches laughing about how disorganized the other team was. Despite this, we practiced like the juniors were the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Each practice consisted of the same routine. Put your flags on, passing lines, flag pulling, and then running plays. Running plays often got tiresome, having to run the same one over and over again until we got it right. Looking back, I guess this worked in favor for us.

With gameday soon approaching, practices seemed to get more and more intense. Then, it was the night of the game and everybody was anxious to get underway. The warm up felt incredibly long and everybody was counting down the minutes, even seconds, until 7:30 hit. After captains went up and the coin toss finished, the juniors and seniors took the field. The announcers came over the speakers, welcoming everyone to the game and wishing each team good luck. After the first drive, the rest of the game felt like a blur. It was a rush of red and white, running up and down the field. Despite the blur of the actual game, the score is still fresh in my mind: 36-3, seniors won.

6 thoughts on “Powder Puff

  1. I found it interesting that even though you all could tell the juniors were not prepared, you still treated it like they were. That is a really good mind set when going against any opponent. Also, I like how you related it to the “defending Super Bowl Champions.” Very well said!

  2. I like how you wrote this blog post, as you described the details of the practices and the anticipation leading up to the game. Personally, I don’t know much about the Powerpuff game, although I learned a lot of information from this. In addition, I like the line where you say, “Despite this, we practiced like the juniors were the defending Super Bowl Champions.” From that quote, I’m assuming that you guys were motivated to take the Juniors because they were the team to beat to win the game.

  3. Kassidy, I loved this post just like I loved being your teammate during the powderpuff game! The simile you used about the Super Bowl Champions made me laugh because looking back on it, we did take it very seriously for what it is. The memories of the early morning practices and game night add to the unforgetfulness of my high school career!

  4. This post is so good. As I was reading I could feel the “rush” of game. The way you were “counting down the minutes, even seconds, until 7:30 hit.” created so much anticipation for me as the reader. I had fun reading this post about powder puff, made me feel like I was participating in it myself.

  5. I enjoyed reading this post, the picture you put with it showed me that you had fun with the powder puff game. I can relate with you when you said waking up for a practice and not wanting to do anything, but after you get there it will always end up being worth it. I had a perfect image when you said that everybody was counting down the minutes even seconds because it gets really exciting. Congrats on beating the juniors 36-3!

  6. Watching the powder puff game, I didn’t get a real appreciation for the time and effort that was put into the preparation for the actual game. I’ve been involved in activities which I too have had to prepare for, so I can relate to the tireless, behind-the-scenes efforts it takes to make it to the big game.

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