It is so weird to think that in a short 8 months, I will be surrounded by thousands of people that have no idea who I am. College is quite intimidating when you think about it that way. Granted, there may be some people from your high school that choose the same college as you, but basically you are starting all over. You are going to a new town or maybe even a new state and it is up to you to make new friends. For me, I know that change is difficult. I like my routine, I like knowing what is going to happen, and I like being in control, but I know that change is good. Change allows for new people to enter your life. Change allows for a new passion to be discovered. Change allows for people to step outside their comfort zone. College will be an opportunity to challenge myself to accept such change. I know that as soon as I step foot on that campus on June 25th that my entire life will change. Not only will I be surrounded by new people, but I will be out of control. There will be people telling me what I can and cannot do and there will be rules that I must follow. Despite all of this, there is the reward that comes with change. So, looking forward, I know that change will be hard, but it is something that is necessary to life. It will teach me life lessons. It will push me to try new things. Most importantly, it will allow for new opportunities that otherwise would be missed.

5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Your personification of Change is genius. By attributing concrete details and qualities to the abstract idea of Change, you allowed your readers to view the idea the same way in which you do. The personification also helps your readers to better relate to your writing, thus, making it more entertaining to read.

  2. I really liked your post on “change”. My grandfather always told me that “change will be the only constant in your life”. It is important to know that change is extremely hard, but it only helps us grow. I especially liked your line “For me, I know that change is difficult. I like my routine, I like knowing what is going to happen, and I like being in control, but I know that change is good.” because it was relatable to my life and personality.

  3. I loved your analysis on the upcoming changes we will all soon experience. I recently touched on this topic in one of my own blog posts. It is funny how the thought of change in our society comes with a negative connotation. However, like you discussed, I tend to look at the positive side of change. One particular tactic you used stood out to me. Your use of anaphora in saying “Change allows for” helped emphasize the positive aspects of change. These ideas are important to discuss as many kids’ fear of impending change can often severely affect them emotionally. In this time, it is important to recognize how this change is a natural part of life that will help you grow as a person.

  4. It seems that you are excited for the change that comes with college but also a little daunted. For me personally, I am very scared because I still do not know what exactly I want in a college. I am excited to be leaving high school and have more freedom, but at the same time: What am I supposed to do with that freedom? And how will I do without a fixed routine? Of course, every single class before ours have managed it, so I am sure we can, too!

  5. What a great post, Kassidy! The repetition of “change” throughout perfectly summed up my feelings for the future. I am like you, I want to have a set routine and be in control, so change can be very daunting. Although college is going to be a drastic change, before you know it, it will become your new normal!

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