A Life Well Lived, Yautia Malanga

Burt, the Yautia Malanga, lived an eventful life. He was born in Ecuador, where he lived for only a short time. The warm climate and soil made it a perfect home for him and his family. Nevertheless, as a little Malanga, Burt was shipped to the United States. The journey was long and had many bumps along the way. The box that Burt was placed in was cold and dark, nothing like the climate of his home. This abrupt change was very difficult for Burt and it is safe to say that Burt was feeling some homesickness along this journey. Despite this, the adventure that awaited him was enough to keep his hopes up. So, after what felt like an eternity in this cold, dark box, light entered. The light entered so abruptly that it put Burt into a state of shock. Although the journey was not over for Burt yet. He was sent to Leesburg, Virginia, and placed on the produce shelves at a local Wegmans. There he sat. Waiting patiently and hoping that some family would choose him to take home with them. This time soon came as a teenage girl picked him up, looked at him curiously, and took him home. Burt was ecstatic, after all this time, someone had picked him! Burt was taken back to this girl’s house and then a new adventure began. He was taken to and from this mysterious place, set on a table for 20 min, then back into the confinements of a dark bag. After multiple trips back and forth, the toll was starting to set on Burt. He started feeling sick. Green spots started appearing on his skin and soon they took over his entire body. Burt eventually gave way to natural decomposition, living a life full of adventure.

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