High School Artifact

Most people spend their high school years playing sports or joining clubs, ultimately trying to find their niche in the community. For me, sports are my niche. Looking back, it feels as if I have played every sport imaginable: lacrosse, soccer, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, I have done it all. Therefore, coming into high school I was expecting to play at least one, if not multiple. Freshman year, I was ecstatic for sports season to come around. I tried out for swimming in the winter and soccer in the spring. I was determined to make the most of my high school experience. After the season was over, I couldn’t wait until next year when I would be able to do it all over again. Unfortunately, this was shattered by the rules established by my club soccer team. After switching leagues, I was not longer permitted to play high school sports. I was devastated. I felt as if I was letting both the team and school down.

As a result, my memoir is a photograph of me playing high school soccer. It brings back the fondness and memories that I experienced in that single spring season. It brings back the happiness, but also the gloominess. For me, high school soccer was an opportunity to try new things and allow myself to break the barrier of my comfort zone. I was able to formulate friendships I otherwise would not have made on my own. The freedom I was given to express myself without worrying about the pressures of nationals or college recruitment was refreshing. Not only did I play a position completely opposite from that which I played in club, but I could play against different competition. On club, you play the same rotation of teams with the same players. There is almost no change. High school on the other hand brought new competition and a new environment for me to play in. A new challenge for me to take on. It is safe to say that I miss being able to play with my classmates and for my school, but I would not trade my freshman experience for anything.


5 thoughts on “High School Artifact

  1. I enjoyed both the ups and downs of your writing. I was so invested in your journey of picking which sports to play that when you said you couldn’t participate in them the following year, I was upset for you. The whole story was clear and consistent which made it easy to follow and fun to read. I am glad that you are at least getting something out of your club experience so it wasn’t a waste. You look happy in the picture from freshman year which is sad because you only got to experience that for a year. Hopefully you are glad with the decisions made!

  2. You look so incredibly happy in this picture. I remember trying to fit in with different crowds of people and it never working out; however, it always ended up being for the best. You have to remember that you are handed challenges for a reason and you must embrace them. Playing on the high school team may have been great. On the other hand, you were able to strength relationships with your club teammates and commit to a college. Remember to cherish the opportunities you used to have, but it is also important to remember what change the change brought to you and your life.

  3. Wow, that is crazy how many sports you have done! I am sad that you couldn’t represent our school by doing swimming and soccer again for Heritage, but I know you are going to do great things for the sport of soccer! From the photo, I can tell that you enjoyed playing high school soccer and you had lots of fun. Have fun with your sport and keep grinding!

  4. Kassidy,
    Although I am sorry you are unable to play high school soccer anymore, I love the way you transitioned it by saying you would not trade that one season for the world! Something that really stuck out to me was how on your club team, you only play the same rotation of teams; it is almost like you are going to know the outcome of every game. Very well written!

    1. I never really thought about the idea of knowing the outcome of games by playing the same rotation of teams. Now that I think about it, there has been a pattern whether it be winning, losing, or drawing against specific teams. Thank you for your kind words and insight!

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