Repetition in Writing

Reading both of these excerpts showed me the immense difference repetition can make in one’s writing. They not only showed the importance that pattern has in literature, but also gave insight into how higher level writers think about their works while in the writing process.

Nevertheless, in the “Repeat, repeat, repeat” passage, the first sentence struck me as fascinating. The sentence read, “Repetition works in writing, but only if you intend it”. Throughout many of my english classes, I have been tasked with analyzing text and in turn finding repetition of words, sounds, etc. I never could understand why some authors repeated these trivial words that had no significance to the piece as a whole. It seems as though they had no intention in their repetition. Further along in the same passage, there was another quote that stood out to me, “Repetition can be so powerful, in fact, that it can threaten to call attention to itself, overshadowing the message of the story.” This appeared to be the first time that either text pointed out the negatives that repetition may have on a piece of writing other than that of the trivial sort. This was an extremely important point as the repetition of words or sounds can often strip the message that the author wants the reader to take away from the work. Even so, both of these passages showed the importance of repetition in writing and how to use it efficiently and effectively.

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