6th Grade Reflection

Hi my name is Karina Bhawnani, sixth grade has been one of the best years for me…I LOVE IT!!! I am very sad for sixth grade to end, so I thought I would right a blog post on everything amazing that happened in sixth grade. The thing that I thought was the most cool about 6th grade was having lockers. I think lockers are amazing because you can have more of a private place to keep your suppiles and stuff. This year one of the things I accomplished was learning how to make a really cool bracelet. I learned how to make this so easily in one day. The most challenging and most stressful part of this year I think was my math SOL. I am really bad at math and I have always struggled with it, SOL’s were the hardest because I thought I was really going to fail them. But turn out I passed both my math and english SOL. My favorite place in this school is probably in the pack time area, it is my favorite becuase I get to hang and talk with my friends. If I could change one thing this year it would be how long pack time is, I would want pack time to be 25-30 minutes. One of my favorite books I read this year is Everything, Everything. I loved it it will always be my favorite book no matter what I read. The best piece of writing I did this year would most likely be the story I made as a blog post called A Cabin in the Woods. Six adjectives that describe 6th grade are…wonderful, fun, stressfull, different, the best, unforgettable. Thanks so much for listening to this, if you really loved 6th grade maybe write a little story or post about it so you can remeber it forver and ever!

Who is Paul??

Paul is a boy in middle school at Tangerine Middle School, he plays soccer on a team with two girls Maya and Sandra. In his time at Tangerine Middle he has experienced many things including a sinkhole in the middle of school hours. Paul is a boy who plays on the soccer team at Tangerine Middle he wears special glasses to keep him from getting hurt and so he would be able to see. People used to make fun of his glasses and call him not-so-nice names. He is an overall ok kid, he can sometimes me a little mean, but the meanest person is definitly Erik. Erik is Paul’s brother. He likes this girl named Kerri Gardener. He is a very shy person, when someone asked him to call Kerri he chickened out and then eventually did it. During one of his soccer games he was put to play in the field when he is a goalie and he is really good goalie. He was put in the field and he did great even though he had never really played in the field before. That was a brief description of Paul Fisher. If you want more detail and information go and read the book Tangerine By: Edward Bloor