Hello, my name is Karina, I have a brother named James. Today is a very special day…I HAVE MY MUSICAL!! I started off my day by getting out of bed and I wound up falling right out of it, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I was so tired I acidentally ate the toothpaste…EWWW! I took a shower and I washed my legs with conditioner intead or soap. I changed into my clothes and as I was putting my shirt on I noticed a rip in it..GREAT! I still wore it, it was tiny so no one could really see it. Today has been going really bad so far I need this day to turn around I said to myself I am going to make myself my favorite breakfeast a nice toasted piece of toast, I put it in the toaster and set the timer but I didn’t hear when the timer went off, like 10 minutes later I smelled some smoky smell and what do you know it was the toast….THERE GOES MY BREAKFEAST! I threw the toast away and stopped up to my room to get my makeup on for the┬áplay. I took out my mirror, pallete, and brushes and I started to put on my makeup, and then all of a sudden James jumped out from the door and scared me as I was putting on eyeliner, need I remind you that this makeup is somewhat permentint. He jump scared me and my hand shook and the eyeliner and the eyeliner got all over my skin, where it wasn’t supposed to, and my makeup was RUINED! I ran to get a makeup wipe and my brother stopped me by holding me back I pushed through and ran to get the wipes, I looked in the packet and there were no more left, I tried to wash it off but I remembered that the makeup is waterproof, I ran nito my room and cryed into my pillow for about a half an hour…CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE!!!!! Then I thought hey! I could just put on some face paint over the makeup, so I took out my face paint and my brushes and shut the door and locked it, I quickly slathered on some face paint and pulled on my costume, I jumped in the car and we went to the school. While I was back stage practicing my lines, I looked out in the audiance and saw my crush.. OH GOD! Now I really can’t focus!! I was panting backstage when I heard the director calling my name, I ran onto the stage all flustered and then suddenly the worst thing happend..I froze right there in the middle of the stage…I FROZE..I walked up to the top of the stage and fell right off, after that I don’t remember anything all I remember is everything going balck… TO BE CONTINUED



P.S. This story is FICTION!!!!!!!!!

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