One day there lived a girl named Eve, Eve was 13 years old, she lived in Orlando Florida. Her birthday was on January 14th and today was January 13th! Eve was super exited, and the best part was that her birthday is on a Saturday so today is the last day she has to go to school for this week and then it is going to be her birthday week where nothing could go wrong, or could it…….


Today was Jauary 14th it was Saturday. Eve was sleeping in her room it was 8:00 am and she couldn’t wait to get up, but she didn’t want to go down stairs because she could hear her mom and brother Jack setting up things, she didn’t want to ruin the suprise. She pretended to fall asleep so that her parents could wake her up. Five minutes later her parents came in and woke her up with a warm and awesome HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Eve jumped out of bed and gave her family a hug and then she ran downstairs. She saw DELICIOUS pancakes with whipped cream waiting for her, and she saw six presents sitting on the table for her. She sat down at the table and she and her family ate breakfeast. After breakfeast it was time to open presents, she opened the first one and in the first one she saw a HUGE stuffed animal! Her next one had a bunch of mini squishies, her next one had a really cute expencive bracelet in it, the next one had one of the books she had always wanted, the next present had a bunch of makeup brushes, and then the last one had a HUGE makeup palet. She had always wanted a makeup palet and finally she could have one!


That day her mom and brother had to go get grocerys and Eve wanted to stay home to put on her new makeup so she stayed home. She opened the palet and then something didn’t feel right but she thought it was just the smell. She took one of her makeup brushes and she brushed it on one of the colors in the palet, and then she brushed a little on her face. It felt cold and soft on her cheek but something didn’t feel right. As she kept putting the makeup on her face started feeling wierd. She stopped putting on the makeup and wiped it off with a makeup wipe. Once it was off she went up to her workspace and strated coloring. Suddenly she felt this itching and tingling in her throat, she realized she had been licking her lips and the makeup could have gottin in her mouth, she called 911. Her throat was NOT doing good AT ALL!!!! She was freaking out but within 2 minutes the albulance came and she was rushed to the hospital. She woke up a day later with her mom and brother standing over her. She had four needles in her, one in her back, one in her arm, on in her finger, and one in her other finger. She asked the doctor what had happened, the doctor said she had gottin an allergic reation to the makeup. She figured that was what happened, Eve was in the hospital for another day and then she was allowed to leave. From now on Eve doesn’t use makeup that has any additives and other things that are not natural in it and she has been ok ever since.


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