“I Have A Dream”

If I had the power to speak I would speak about pollution and how it is killing our planet. I would use this for a good cause beacuse we are making our planet very bad beacuse we are throwing lots of things out on the streets and people are throwing out good food that is then taken to a dump and left there to rot and then it turns into pollutuion and it ruins our planet and then in other countrys there are other people in other countrys that are starving and would die to eat a banana peel off the ground. We need to pick up after ourselves and eat ALL the food we have and if we don’t want it don’t throw away a whole can of fruit instead find a local charity and give it to them to give to the starving people around the world. And if you just ate at a resturaunt and you packed your food to go then you realized you are probably not going to eat it give it to someine on the streets that is hungrey but also be careful with who you give it to. Anyways the point is that we need to cut down our litering and pollutuion not only to make the planet better but to keep starving people from all over the world not straving anymore!

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