My Halloween Costume Fail Story

One day there was a little girl named Carina it was Halloween night and Carina went trick or treating in her FAVORITE costume, her favorite costume was a cat she had been a cat for 3 years straight. Every year she would make the costume a little bit bigger so that she could fit into it. This year she decided to make the tail longer so she could look more like a cat. She went out to trick or treat and every house she went to she would always get this feeling like someone was following or watching her. But when she looked around no one was there. She came to the last house on her street and while she was walking up to the porch a figure zoomed by her. She shook it off and kept walking then when she was on the porch she saw the figure again. She got really scared so she turned around to go back to her house and right behind her was a black eyed girl. She looked at her eyes and there was NO BLACK whatsoever she ran to the house and the woman opened the door the woman was black eyed to. Then all of a sudden the girl ran up to her a kicked her Carina fell on her face and when she woke back up she too had black eyes. No one has ever seen or herd from her again.

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