The Birthday Cupcake 😈

One day a little girl named Beatrix was surfing the web to find the perfect cupcake recipe for her mom named Caseiee, Beatrix was secretly using her mom’s computer so she could find her mom’s favorite cupcake recipe. While she was searching the web she saw a huge ad pop up and it says if you click on it you could win $100,000 dollars. She clicked on the ad and a huge video came up there was a picture of a beautiful cupcake, she clicked on the video then suddenly the screen went black and two eyes appeared on the screen they were looking at her. She didn’t know what to do so she kept watching, then suddenly the guy spoke to her, she couldn’t quite make out the mouth or the face. The guy mumbled something then said tell me something about you, she tried to type go away but there was no place to type and the keys weren’t working. Then the figure turned the lights on, I could see it was a skinny man dressed in all black there was a mask covering his entire face except for two big holes for his eyes. Then he said, NO don’t type anything SPEAK to me and answer my question. So she said GO AWAY, she thought it was just a video but boy was she wrong, then the man said back no I can not go away. Then the camera on her mom’s computer started blinking, Beatrix jumped up and almost fainted, her mom’s camera hadn’t worked in 3 years! Then Beatrix’s face appeared on the screen. The guy said he would find her address to meet her. Beatrix used her mouse and tried to pause the video but the mouse was frozen. Then she tried to shut her computer but her cover was stuck, it wouldn’t close. She took the computer and threw it out the window cracking it in a million pieces. She felt relived and went to her bed to get some sleep. Then the next morning her mom found her dead in her bed with a knife stuck deep in her heart. And that was the end of Beatrix.

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