Jewelry Ideas

Jewelry is a great way to add taste to an outfit. There is a huge range of jewelry that you can get whether you decide to splurge or not. I would recommend matching the color of your jewelry, meaning wearing all gold or all silver. This automatically makes your outfit look more put together. Also, everyone should have a simple set that they wear everyday for example, a simple necklace, stud earrings and a thin bangle with a matching ring. You can spend as much or as little money you want on jewelry. You can find some cute sets at Forever 21 for less than ten dollars or buy real gold or silver. A tip for jewelry that is prone to rust, when you buy it coat it with a clear top coat of nail polish, this ensures the color will not rust for a longer period of time. I would also keep a more fancy set of jewelry for when you want to go to a special event or dress up a simple outfit. You can easily find bling that looks real for cheap from any store like Forever 21 or even Walmart to wear for special events. In this set I would try to match as well. The number one thing to make your jewelry classy and cute is to make sure it is well coordinated, if you have a diamond studded necklace I would pair that with diamond stud earrings and a bracelet that incorporates a diamond stud as well. Another type of jewelry is string jewelry, these are super cute and a great option for people that do not like the diamonds or chains.

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