How to Find your Style

Finding your own style can be difficult, even more so when there are a bunch of trends. It gets really easy to get caught up in these trends and not know your own style. My first tip is to find inspiration from your style icons, the best place for this is on Instagram since there a lot of fashion or beauty gurus who post their outfits often. Save a few outfits for reference when you want to get clothes. My next tip would be to decide whether or not that style of clothing is appropriate for your age and day to day activities. If so, go out and try to find some basic and inexpensive alternatives which are similar to the style you are looking into. Next clean out your closet, if you end up really liking this style, clean out your closet so you can get a visual what you need to maintain your style. These are all the tips I have for for finding your style!Image result for fashion closet

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