Impact of Social Media in Freelance Photography

For this project, I worked on the effects of social media on the career field of freelance photography. One of the main reasons I decided to research this topic was because photography is a personal hobby of mine, but it would serve as a great resource to those who are looking into the field as […]

Creative Process

Often I do not think much about my creative process when taking photos or even making films. I think one of the major influences in my life that helps my creative process is movies. The inspiration I find within a movie usually lies within the shots and angles that are taken while recording. A very […]


I am very fortunate I have been able to travel to all the places that I have been to. From staying in Sydney, Australia for New Years to climbing the French Alps, I have seen a lot. However, getting to these places can require extreme patience, especially on the airplane and in the airport waiting […]


Photography has been a huge part of my life, especially in recent years. I think of the artiform and use of the camera is just as graceful as a paintbrush on a canvas. Looking through the viewfinder of the camera allows me to manipulate the world around me to my liking. I enjoy the perilous […]

Vulnerability in a College Essay

Through the steps of the college application process, I think that the essay portion can possibly be the most frustrating and stressful part of applying to colleges. Writing a solid college essay and impressing college application recipients can be tough; However, one attribute that can be used to enhance the overall topic of the essay […]

High School Artifact

I still remember the first day of cross country like it was yesterday. The struggle of trying to complete three miles seems so difficult to grasp for me since I have been running for so long. The artifact that I am presented is my beaten up spikes. These shoes have seen every part of my […]

A Deceiving Yet Delicious Apple

Honestly, I would have never thought that I would have ever thought about writing an apple in school much less on my own time. Something so boring like an apple is so easily overlooked as a decoration item or even just a regular fruit. However, taking a closer look at the apple makes one began […]

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