The Underdog

I think it is fair to say that everyone in the D.C. area is aware of the game at 8:08 pm tonight.  Whether you are a die hard baseball fan, or hate the thought of sports, everyone knows about the gam... Read More


My Aunt Elizabeth, whom I simply call Lizzy has never been much of a role model.  Growing up, I was kept away from her as much as possible because my parents didn’t want her to influence my sib... Read More

Family Tradition

Outside the leaves begin changing color.  The trees are filled with vibrant yellow, reds, and oranges.  The air is transitioning from the summer heat to a cool, brisk feel.  This weather is undenia... Read More

High School

Imagine it is 2059.  You have your own family, house, and job.  The years are passing, and you look back on your high school years. What formed the four long years of memories? Is it the hours spent... Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Loudoun County Public Schools Blogs Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you.... Read More