Las Vegas shooting


The Rainbow

There was a storm

A very harsh storm

The rain took away my friends

We had no place to go

Then we saw a cabin and hid in it

While we were hiding

There was a lot of screaming

 We hid as long as we can

Until the storm went away

It happened in a short period of time but seemed so long

People have been killed and injured

But now there was a beautiful rainbow over us

I have never been more happy to see a rainbow.


Born into our world by Omair Islam

  • By Omair Islam

I opened my eyes to see the world I am in,

to look right into it’s eye.

To see it’s pain,

to see it’s happines,

And to hear it’s cries.


I could feel the chills crawling up my spine,

as if it was a spider crawling up it’s web.

It told me that everything wasn’t alright.

That there was more violence to come,

That there was more pollution to come,

and that there was more racism to come.

It was scared for the person I might be,


but it had hope for me.

Telling me to shine.

Telling me to the Light!

Cause even if the lights turned off,

there was a spark of light left.


By: Tobe Ozieh

Protection and justice is everything you want from a person in blue.

What if they can’t give that to you.

Innocent people being shot and killed.

Families crying because their kids, parents, friends are getting hurt.

People afraid or lacking trust.

The wrongfully accused not getting their justice.

Being tackled to the ground with the concrete staring you in the face.

Protesters being blocked and crowded.

Getting labeled as “suspicious”.

Clouded judgement stopping the people in blue from doing their jobs.

Citizens being tossed around, pushed to the ground, tackled, and hardly able to breathe.

Humans being treated like animals.

This is all for what?

That’s what I would like to know.



By kwesi Amoakuh

The first time I won a prize

I was 8 years old

I won this prize because I won a race

The announcer called my name and it felt great

I could smell the sweet aroma of paint.

It felt a little greasy and heavy .

It looked pretty big

When I went home

My mom was so happy for me

I felt so accomplished

Knowing that I can accomplish anything

And always follow my dreams


Pollution is not the Solution

by:April Nguyen

Blue is all I see

The water crashing right beside me

The seagulls chirping and the fishes swimming

But what they don’t see is poeple polluting our sea

Plastic, Garbage, and glass oh my!

If we countinue this they might all die

By starting today reuse, reduce, recycle

We will be saving a dozen of animals you don’t want to lose

By recycling paper we will save some trees

By reusing plastic bottles we will save the sea

By riding your bike more often you will help keep the air clean

And so on,and so on ,and so on

There are many task to keep out trash away

From danger from us to beyond the sea