by Britney Nguyen

If only they knew what they were doing to their home

With their litterings destroying our biomes

For when we have no more air to breathe

That’s when they know they must seize

But by then it would be too late

And discover that they could’ve changed the fate

When the air becomes as dark as tar

To our own Earth we have left a scar

And when the seas cry out, filled with our rummage

There will be no time to go pack our luggage

We will stay the same if we go to Mars,

But if we damage it like we did to Earth, could we really call it ours?


Poetry Publication Reflection

1. The type of poem I published was an “Inspired By” Poem.

2. My source of inspiration was an issue, which was pollution, because pollution has something to do with the whole world which I wanted to reach out to.

3. The tone of my poem is despair (keywords: dark, scar, damage, destroying).

4. The theme of my poem is to change before it’s too late.

5. Two examples of figurative language in the poem are:

a) Quote: “When the air becomes as dark as tar,”

b) Type: Simile

c) This figurative language contributes to tone and theme development because it shows that we are polluting the air with harsh chemicals and making the air unbreathable.

a) Quote: “And when the seas cry out,”

b) Type: Personification

c) This figurative language contributes to tone and theme development because it shows how much we are damaging our waters to the point they feel the need to cry, like when we happen to cry when we are hurt.

6. Two specific ways I revised this poem are

Revision #1: I changed “And when the seas become impossible to rummage,” to “And when the seas cry out, filled with our rummage,”.

Explanation: I made this revision because I wanted to add a piece of personification, to show if the seas had feelings like we do.

Revision #2: I changed “people” to “they” in the beginning and middle of the poem.

Explanation: I made this revision because I wanted the reader to think “Who?” even though it would be obvious, but the pollution could be coming from anything and anyone, but I then revealed the word “our” towards the end to show that it was us humans who were doing the damage.

7. It was easy to write this poem because pollution is a worldwide problem and coming from my perspective, I had a lot of feelings about it so I just let my thoughts flow out into this poem.

8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I got to project how I see the relationship between humans and Earth with pollution.

I had…

By Maximo Figueroa


I had a house,

powered by something above,

shining bright.

I had friends,



and fair.

I had peace,

inside, and out.


I had fresh air,

trees left and right,

as tall as the sky,

sharing the space with their neighbor,

the men,

the women,

that used to cut them down.

No factories,

that smoke all day,

their cigarettes,

insted filled with coal.


I had an earth,

Strong and mighty,

Like the army

Safe and sound,

like the playground,

My home sweet home.




Had a dream.


#1 The type of poem that I published is an inspired by poem.

#2 The source of inspiration for my poem was from MLK I had a dream speech.

#3 The tone is optimistic, and joyful.

#4 The theme is: The future is in your hands.

#5 a. “I had an earth, strong and mighty, like the army”

5 b. The type of figurative language in the quote above is simile.

5 c. This figurative language contributes to the tone and theme because its optimistic that the earth will become like this in the future, it is not like this now because of pollution and littering.

#6 a. “trees left and right, as tall as the sky”

6 b. The figurative language in the quote above is simile.

6 c. The line from the poem above contributes to the tone and theme because it is also optimistic and joyful, and that the trees will become like this in the future, again, not like this now because of the massive population increase and the cutting down of trees to get wood and make space for new houses/buildings.

#7 For me, this poem was pretty easy to start with, but editing it was hard because I didn’t really want to change the poem that much cuz I really liked how it started.

#8 I am VERY satisfied with the final draft. It was just like I imagined it when I was brainstorming how I would write this poem. It was also kind of fun to make.

and just for fun, pun <— rhyme intended

What do you call an ode to your arms and legs?


for all you people who just read that and gained abs from cringing to hard I’m sorry.

Ode to Kit Kats  

By: Ladan Abdi

I walk in and smell the sweet aroma

like freshly baked cookies on a snowy white Christmas morning

When I catch it in sight, it’s hard to let go

My mouth waters, telling me to take it slow

I can’t resist, my desire for this treat is like a bears need for honey

I bite into it, I sense the delightful chocolate

Followed by a satisfying crunch

Your long bricks

Covered with a sweater

Of chocolate

Could possibly taste like an angel swaying in the air

If you were a gladiator

You could wipe out a large size of your pure competition like a war

just by the way you look or taste

The crispy wafers taste astonishing in my mouth

I keep popping them into my jaw, I tell myself to stop

Or at least slow down

“Go go go” I keep telling my brain like when your just before the finish line in a track meet

This sweetness passes on spirit I cannot control

Like the energy you have after drinking a cup of soda

The bitterly taste of this chocolate is as bitter as coffee

The sugar is giving me happiness, making me smile






  1. The type of poem I published was an Ode.
  2. I chose this type of poem, because it was easier to insert figurative language, and the tone and mood mostly fits the subject
  3. The tone of my poem is open-minded
  4. The theme for my ode poem is to make careful decsions
  5. “I walk in and smell the sweet aroma like freshly baked cookies on christmas morning” This is a simile. This compares the smell of the treat to the smell of christmas cookies.
  6. “My desire for this treat is like a bears need for honey” This is a simile. This compares the need for the sweet to a bears need for honey.
  7. This poem was kind of hard to do because you needed a lot of thinking to make up a poem with different needs like figurative language and length.
  8. I am satisfied with my draft, because I liked the way it turned out and I liked the way I used the figurative language.


The Tragedy of a school of fish

By:Carlton Krueger

One warm, peaceful, and sunny day

little fish are getting ready for school

in the deep, dark, pacific

they learned about big, blue whales and scary, terrifying sharks,

but before long, they heard something from afar

it looked like a big fish, staring at their prey

in panic, all the fish dashed for cover

hiding behind coral reefs, rocks, anything they could find,

when suddenly, the huge fish invaded the little fish, class by class,

like a person devouring a delicious piece of cake,

and soon after, there was nothing  to be found

even the school was completely demolished

The Staring Contest

By: Saniya Rawat
We wait in anticipation
Knowing that any day could be the end
We tried to make peace
But that just ended in more pain
He calls himself a leader
Leading them to poverty and death
When will it end?
When can we shake hands,
Live without fear,
Be happy?
We fight with each other
Fight with ourselves
Friends become enemies
Love becomes hatred
We stare each other in the eye
No one flinches, fidgets, or fumbles
Waiting for the other to blink first
But no one does
So we sit there and wait
And wait
And wait


By: Jamie Sheehan



It will bring you down

It will haunt you until your head explodes

Make you think your a bad person

Make you feel as if you are being attacked

You will hear the comments

Screaming in your head    

Make you feel lonely

Disconnected from your friends and family

Social Media will change you for the better

And for the worse



I wrote a Inspired By poem. My inspiration was social media and how much hate and negativity is on it. The tone of my poem is belligerent. The theme of my poem is to not get too involved with social media because of all the gloominess on the platform. One of the figurative language in my poem is “It will haunt you until your head will explode.” This is an example of a hyperbole. This contributed towards my poem by showing how impactful social media can be. Another example of figurative language in my poem is “Make you feel as if you are being attacked.” This is a simile, this shows how emotional social media can make people and how deep it can be. One way I revised my poem is I changed “Give you anxiety” to “Make you feel like you are being attacked”. I made these changes to give the line more meaning. Another change I made was replacing “Make you feel like you’re not the best you could be” to “You will hear the comments screaming in your head.” I made this revision to show how impactful the comments and hate can be. This poem was a mixture of both easy and hard because since I am on social media 24/7 I have a connection with social media already. The hard part was coming up with the figurative language. I am satisfied with my poem because I close with the topic which is social media.

No Reason

By Rebecca Kim


She walks into the chattering, conversing school

Carefully, like a mouse, trying not to make a sound

Someone grips her shoulder

She freezes, unable to move

The teacher stops her and yells

Acting as if she was a hurricane, but she was nothing but a breeze

Now in trouble, for doing nothing

Who knew color was so crucial

Everybody staring, saying they would help

But it happens again, and again,

Like a song on repeat

What can she do, she’s just a little different

What can she do, but wait and wait


Sizzle King

Sizzle King

By: Lincoln Burkholder


I watch him work, he seems so free,

but there’s no way he could be better than me.


He stands at the grill, on his own two feet,

looking so confident as he tends to the meat.


Working on the campsite, I spring up a tent,

while he turns off the grill, and prepares to present..


When he sets it on the plate, it continues to sizzle,

while all my worries begin to fizzle.


I just watch it sit there, as my mouth begins to water,

and he packs some up to take home to his daughter.


I take in the smell, just like heaven on Earth,

almost as great, as the miracle of birth.


I touch it with my fork, so tender and soft,

almost the same as a brand new loft.


When I set it in my mouth, I just want to sing,

ladies and gents, we have a new Sizzle King.

The Black Diamond

By:Wyatt Singer

A tall icy hill glistening from the reflection of the sun stared down at me.

I have never seen anything more frightening in my entire life.

Me and my friends are about to head up the ski lift.

As we passed the halfway point the ice cicles  shined from the trees.

When we got off at the top, the view of all the other slopes and houses and ponds looked clearer than ever.

We sat down only to hear the sound of ours and other snowboard binds clicking.

The energy in my system before going down was clearly showing to my friends.

We stands up with our snowboards knowing that the black diamond would be ahead of us in a matter of seconds.

As we started to head down the slope.

The wind picked up blowing ice and snow into my mouth with the taste of fear and nervousness.

Half way down the hill my ears were freezing to the sound of the wind pressuring my ears.

When I made it to the bottom the feeling of relief that I have conquered my first black diamond deeply cleansed my body like an ice cold bath.

Never have I ever felt more alive going down that icy white hill and I think this will be my first of many black diamonds I will conquer later on in my life.

Quiet and Panic

By: Jody Chu

The class dropped into silence as still as the night
Occasional whispers
Like crickets in a forest
The constant grinding of pencil against paper
I sit there blank, bland, and empty of ideas
Thinking, looking around – all are sitting and writing
But nothing comes up

Tick, tock, tick, tock
Goes the clock
Until the teacher stands up
Panic is summoned
Words are scribed terribly quickly
The horrible sounds of the squeaking pencil
Screaming sounds, as it slides across the paper
“Times up”
The sound of the dropped pencil vibrates through my mind
Instilling a feeling of calmness