By: Sophie Geller

Kids in America,

wondering if it could happen to them,

wondering who would be next,

if their school would be the next news headline.

Averaging once a week,

instills a growing fear in kids,

that they will hear the “crack” of gunfire,

in place where they should be safe,

where the law requires them to go,

but doesn’t completely protect their safety,

Where worries should be about an upcoming test,

or the piles of homework due the next day.

Not what to do if a shooter comes in,

or whether today will be their last.

Lives are lost,

hearts are broken,

thoughts and prayers given,

but it happens all over again,

and continues to happen without a change.







By: Ahlahnis Perry

I too am human

We walk the same grounds every day

Breathe the same air every night

I may look different

But i’m no alien


I’m unique

And i deserve to be acknowledged

When i come from behind my mask

Everyone will see

That i’m too human


  1. I did a inspired by poem.
  2. The source of my information was the book and movie wonder because i really like the concept of both.
  3. The tone of my poem is passionate.
  4. The theme of my poem is that no matter what you look like you shouldn’t be treated differently.
  5. One example of figurative language in my poem is “when i come from behind my mask everyone will see” and this is an idiom. This contributes to the tone and theme of my poem by showing that the character is passionate about how he thinks he should be viewed. The second figurative language is “ we walk the same grounds” this means that they are equal.
  6. To revise my poem i changed “I am” to “I’m” because it made my poem flow better and I changed “special” to “unique”.
  7. It was very easy for me to write this poem because it is based off a movie and book that i can connect to.
  8. I am pretty satisfied with my final poem because i think it is pretty good and inspiring .

Clear Backpacks

By: Rachel Jones

I see students walking with their heads down,

Gray clouds above their heads while feeling a downward spiral of emotions,

Sadness, fear, and anger being just a few.

Expressions as if on death row while students plod towards the door.

Parents say an extra “I love you” before school,

Out of fear there won’t be another chance.

We have talks in school about how safe we are,

And are reassured that security measures are in place.

Everyone murmuring, not sure what to say

Because 23 times is not a coincidence,

Nor bad luck.

Twenty-three times shows that something has to change.

You think that something will change

Until ten more are dead.

Does anything change?


Instead we are handed clear backpacks,

And are forced to realize,

It will be a while before color returns to our schools,

And our backpacks.



Falling Down

By Matthew Hembrador



I’m dying inside

Everything inside is aflame.

There is no breeze as I descend.

I’m falling.

The feeling of neglect like a withering plant

Like an abandoned toy.

Was messed around with no care.

I’m falling

I was a sword being put to good use

Become dull and was discarded.

I forged a new blade

Only to be screaming as I shatter.

Thrown into a furnace

Only to feel the fire again.

Plunged into the dark abyss walking aimlessly

I want to get out

I can’t get out

But I go back to the start

Finally waking up with a sense of relief.

But reality cannot be remolded.

My soul is being corrupted.

My soul is at disarray.

I’m empty like a hollow shell.

I’m falling down

To see the fiery hell

Why can it not stop

It’s never ending

I want to rest

I want to be released from these chains

My life was twisted

Looping back to where I started

But now I can sleep

And be at ease.





  1. I wrote an Emotion Poem.
  2. I chose to write on depression because it gives me the feeling that life isn’t fair.
  3. The tone of this story is melancholy.
  4. The theme of the poem is that you can’t recover from everything.
  5. “I was a sword being put to good use, became dull and was discarded,” is a metaphor comparing a person with a sword. This figurative language contributes to the poem because it shows that the person thought he had a purpose, to only find out that he was being used.
  6. One revision I did was adding “I’m falling,” to show that the character’s problem is getting worse. Another revision I did was change “a mess” to “disarray” to deepen the vocabulary.
  7. Writing this poem wasn’t hard or easy, because the poem was able to flow, but coming up with the story got me caught up a bit.
  8. I’m satisfied with the final draft because the poem turned out a lot better than I thought it was going to be.


Ode to Tom Hanks

Nuvin Bazid

61 years of age

Six feet and sage

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks

I felt the need to say thanks

You have so much masculinity

You make me question my sanity

I’d travel many miles

Just to see your smile

You’re as iconic as Olivia Wilde

You are as pure as a child

You have no room in your heart for hate

You will forever be great

You have so many wrinkles

Your eyes are as bright as diamonds, always have a twinkle

You’re amazing from your big round nose

All the way down to your old man toes

I will always love your iconic movies

I love them like sweet strawberry smoothies

You are as cool as ice

Your attitude is always nice

Your smile is as bright as the sun

You’re as sweet as a cinnamon bun

You’re as unappreciated as milk

Your hair is as smooth as silk

I love your movie, “The Post”

Except, I love “Forrest Gump” the most

If I meet you one day

I know exactly what I’ll say

I will start off with a plea

“Please adopt me”

Poetry Publication Reflection


Copy and paste this table into your blog post. Respond in complete sentences.


Questions Responses
  1. Which poem type did you publish?
The type of poem I decided to publish is an ode.
  1. Answer the ONE question that goes with your poem type:
    1. Emotion Poem: Why did you choose this emotion?
    2. Sensory detail Poem: Why did you choose this event as the basis for your poem?
    3. Inspired by poem: What was the source of your inspiration (poem, song, issue)? Why?
    4. Nature/environment poem: Why did you choose this environment?
    5. Allegory: What is the literal meaning (story)? What is the figurative meaning?
    6. Ode: Why did you choose the subject of your ode?
I chose the subject of my ode because I think Tom Hanks is a great man and deserves to be appreciated.
  1. What is the tone of your poem?
The tone of my poem is admiring.
  1. What is the theme of your poem?
The theme of my poem is Tom Hanks is a great man.
  1. Choose TWO examples of figurative language in the poem.
  1. Quote the figurative language: An example of figurative language I used in my poem is, “You’re as unappreciated as milk.”
  2. Type of figurative language: The type of figurative language is simile.
  3. Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: This figurative language shows that he is one of those small things in life you don’t take the time to  appreciate .
  1. Quote the figurative language: An example of figurative language I used in my poem is, “You’re as sweet as a cinnamon bun”
  2. Type of figurative language: The type of figurative language is simile.
  3. Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: It shows that Tom is sweet and lovable, like a cinnamon bun.
  1. What are two specific ways you revised this poem? (Example: “I changed “happy” to “content.”) Why did you make these revisions?
Revision #1:”Your eyes are as bright as diamonds, always have a twinkle”

Explanation: I accidentally said “has” instead of “have.” I had forgotten that since “eyes” is plural, it has to be have.

Revision #2:”You’re as iconic as Olivia Wilde”

Explanation: I had originally used Adele but it didn’t rhyme with child.

  1. How easy or difficult was it to write this poem? Why?
It was very easy to write this poem because i had so much to say about him.
  1. How satisfied are you with your final draft? Explain.
I am very satisfied with how my poem ended up because it shows exactly what I wanted to say.




By: Emma Comerford

I wear clothes my parents approve

Not worried what they’ll say,

Just worried about you

You sit and judge me like a show dog


Dressed to cover my shoulders

Because we are solving the problem for you

My shoulders might offend you

Possibly because mine look better than yours

Or just because you have the power of a king

To tell me to cover my shoulders


But I’ve seen you

Go ahead,

Hide behind your rules like a toddler to its mother’s leg

Maybe we expose you

Just like my clothes expose my shoulders


  1. I published an Inspired by poem
  2. The source of my inspiration was the women objectification, a lot of teachers assume that girls wear these off the shoulder tops, crop tops, or tank tops because we want to impress guys. That isn’t true, we wear it because it is hot outside
  3. The tone of my poem is mostly agitated
  4. The theme of my poem is Enough is Enough
  5. “Hide behind your rules like a toddler to its mothers legs” This is a simile, and it contributes to the tone by saying that they know what they are doing is a bit over the top but they don’t want to come out and admit it.
  6. “You sit and judge me like a show dog” This is another simile and it contributes to the tone of the poem by making the school seem like they are picking on us for everything
  7. It was pretty easy to write this poem because it is a topic I feel very strongly about
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because it explains and portrays the school board exactly the way I was hoping



By: Eric Stoesser

It all started off as a sunny and partly cloudy day,
Friends and families having a fabulous day in Boston,
Before the annual marathon.
Then, Boom and a few seconds later Boom.
People start yelling and everyone goes crazy.
Then you hear sirens,
Bee doo bee doo.
Later on the news.
“Two people are the culprits,
For this horrifying incident in Boston.”
Then, that night the news says that three people died,
And many many more are hurt.

The peom I published was an inspired by poem.

The source of inspiration for my poem was terrorism. I was inspired by terrorism because it is a big problem nowadays.

The tone of my poem is saddening.

The theme of my poem is violence doesn’t solve anything.

“Bee doo bee doo,” is an example of onomatopoeia. This figurative language helps contribute to the poem by enhancing the sound of the police and all the medical personnel.

“Boom,” is an example of onomatopoeia. This figurative language helps the reader understand how big the explosion was.

My first revision was putting in the word horrifying instead of scary. I did this to deepen the meaning.

My second revision was putting in beautiful instead of good. I did this to to show how nice of a day it was before the incident.

The poem was easy for me to write because terrorism is a big deal in our time right now and I also don’t like terrorism.

I am very satisfied by my work because I did the best I could do.

Everyday Life

By: Naomi Minwalla


I feel lost and unsteady

My brain is like an endless roller coaster going round and round

I feel walls closing in on me every second of everyday

Everything falls apart but you just don’t know how to put it back together

It takes over your brain without you even knowing.

Some more than others

Slowly getting more and more addled

Anxiety is the mini heart attack you recieve when you’re walking down the stairs and miss a step

It is the moment when you seem to think things are ok but then a slight blare or grumble can change that in an instant

It dances around your mind giving you negative and dark thoughts

Not knowing whether to speak them or to conceal them inside

The minute it hits you feel balmy and don’t know what is happening

Slowly it will get better but until then it stands to be everyday life



My poem type is an emotion poem. I decided to choose an emotion poem because it is easy for me to spill out my thoughts and feelings onto paper. The tone of this poem is dejected, I chose this word because to me this poem speaks that it is dejected. The theme of my poem is dark and gloomy because during these times you can feel mournful, or not know what you are feeling which can then lead you down a dark path. One way I revised this poem was changing the word confused to addled for a more intriguing read. Another way I revised was changing my average metaphor into a more meaningful metaphor to describe to the reader how the feeling occurs. It was easy for me to write this poem because as I said before it is easy for me to pour my thoughts out onto paper and describe the feelings, and meanings of it. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I feel I put my best effort into this and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.


By: Kiran Smitka

All over the world people stand for their rights

As the country splits hands of peace join

Stories come out and conspiracies are planted

People nervous to step outside

Parents refusing to let go of their children

Promises made, hearts broken

Children crying out for their lives

Solutions that benefit the media are discussed

Pictures surf the internet

There is only a problem when a child shows up to school with a issue in their hand

More and more cries for help

The parent continues to worry

The teacher continues to teach

The child continues to be scared

More problems rise above the surface

Only grasped to talk about for a moment

Then released and vanished into thin air

Then to be forgotten

A Morning of Fishing

By: Cayden Gavin



I woke up early in the morning

Ate a quick breakfast and went down stairs.

I grabbed my fishing gear and hoped on my bike,

Riding down the gravel road with no one around,

With The warm sun beating on my back.

My rod in my left hand and tackle box in right,

The struggle to steer as the rough rocky road bounced my bike around.

I found a spot, hopped off my bike and layed it against a sizable tree,

I sat on the edge of the canal and started fishing,

The smell of fresh salty air all around.

A light breeze making small ripples across the water

And the sound of waves crashing in the distance,

Billions of minos swimming in the water below me

But nothing taking the bait.

Fish start to jump and splash water close to me

Finally one was on the line

I reeled it in and got one,

I took the wet and slimy fish off the line and threw it back

I knew it was going to be a good day for fishing.




The poem type I published was the sensory detail poem.

I chose this event as the basis of my poem because I knew there was a lot of sensory details.

The tone of my poem is peaceful.

The theme of my poem is that you should appreciate nature.

Billions of minos swimming in the water below me is a hyperbole and it tells the reader that you can find cool things in nature.

Another figurative language is small ripples across the water. This is imagery and it shows that the surroundings are peaceful.

One revision I made was changing big tree to sizable tree. It added better language to the poem making it sound better.

A second revision I made was adding fresh before salty to show that the air smelled good.

This poem was easy to write because there was a lot of sensory details and it was a really peaceful moment.

I am really satisfied with this poem because it captured the moment really really well and in detail.