By: Madison Garcia

Red is all I see

Except for the man before me

Who pulled out a gun

And said he was done

With kids and their foolish ways


Laying on the ground

 Without a sound

No one will hear me

No one will save me

 now that I am gone

Ode to the Beach

By: Emily Taylor

Cold, crisp, and chilly water meet my toes

Salty air like crunchy pretzels

Little crabs finding their home

Seaguls soaring like planes attempting to steal your food

Sand falling through my toes

Dolphins I see, the dogs of ocean

White noise and laughter

Sand sticking to everyone like glue

Who knew!

Sunglasses on my face

While someone opens the beverage case

Sunscreen on faces looking like Casper

Well, it was kind of a disaster!

Sunlight falling down like a waterfall

But thankfully my hat saves me like a hero

The ocean looking so peaceful, yet so violent

Waves crashing like thunder

Music in my ear, like the only sight I see


I’m so thankful I’m here with my family



1.) I published an Ode.

2.) I chose the beach as my subject fr my ode because I love the beach and because there are so many different ways to describe the beach.

3.) The tone of my poem is Joyful.

4.) The theme of my poem is there is no place like the beach.


a. “Sunlight falling like a waterfall”

This is a simile. It contributes to the tone and theme development of my poem because it is a very cheerful and positive line.

b. “Salty air like crunchy pretzels”

This is also a simile. It contributes to the tone and theme development of my poem because when people think of food, more specifically pretzels, they often think of happy thoughts.

6.) Revision

#1) The first revision I made was changing the word “flying” to the word “soaring” in line 4. I changed the word to soaring because I felt that soaring was a more advanced word and it gave more description to my poem.

#2) The second revision I made was changing the space between “Wow!” and the rest of the line. I gave the “Wow!” it’s own line because I felt that it needed more definition and more attention then what it had before.

7) My poem was mostly easy to write because I love the beach and making up positive lines about it isn’t that hard when you love it. I think the part that made it a bit difficult for me to write was the part of making the different lines of figurative language and being creative with my word choice.

8) I am satisfied with my final draft because I met all of the requirements and for the figurative language, I went over the requirements. I’m ado satisfied with it because  at the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to be able to put in any rhyme into it, but at the end, I was able to.

Carmen cruz

A friend that fallows you to the grave.
A friend that shares your memory.
A friend that hides from other people.
A friend that you can share your secrets with.
A friend that never moves away.
A friend that you always have a sleep over with
A friend that will be your dance partner.
A friend that plays tag with you all day.
A friend that you can dance with.
A friend that goes with you on a plane.
A friend that stays silent but listen to everything you say.
A friend that goes on a morning jog with you but not a night time jog.
A friend that never leave your side.
A friend that hates gloomy days.
A friend that will never tell your secrets
A friend that
A friend that you never argue with.
A friend that is as dark as night.
A friend that has the same hair style as you.
A friend that most people considers an enemy a…shadow.

Fourteen Nights

Duamel Martinez

I hoped on to my laptop at about 7am very early. Then I stop to eat my breakfast around 10:40. The only reason i played was cause my family is tourn apart we just dont work good together like me with a golden scar. We dropped in salty ready to start our grind when all became white incluiding my eyes. I was knocked cold my heart stung like it came in contact with poison ivey I thought it was all over until my team member revived me. I said it must have took a miracle to survive that blast he said nah while you were inside I was still outside in the grass. But we all heard some footsteps and I said we need to leave but I a little but of a trick up my sleave. They all were loaded but i had a pump and as socas they came I turn and jumped hit one he got knocked and the his partners tried to spray but I pump and pumped then we got away we made it to circle I got to admit we were on a run but then i got the last kill yellow words apeard victory royal #1

Ode to Pizza

By: Kaitlinh Nguyen

Every Friday you lure me,

Like a candy to a child.

You bring my bitter mood

Up like Christmas morning.

Programmed like a computer,

My automatic fingers dial and call the pizza bakery.

Tik tok,

Tik tok,

I watch the clock,

Waiting for my treasure.

The door rings.

Familiar smells invade my home,

And you arrive.

I guard you like a soldier,

Incase an intruder tries to steal.

My prized possession.

Like a missing piece of a puzzle

I take a slice of you,





Yummy bits of cheese and bread

Invade my taste buds

And I welcome you with open arms.

Distracted by the tv,

I reach for another slice of you,

But unlike my stomach,

The box is empty.

Like a child finished with their candy,

I still craved more of you.


  1. I published an ode poem.
  2. I chose to write about pizza because in my family we frequently order pizza and pizza is one of my favorite foods.
  3.  The tone of my poem is, appreciative.
  4. The theme of my poem is that pizza is enjoyable and appetizing.
  5. “Every Friday you lure me, like a candy to a child.”, this figurative language is a simile, and it helps the reader relate to how a child fells about candy. This shows how the pizza is appetizing. “Like a child finished with their candy, I still craved more of you.”, this is another example of a simile, and it helps the reader understand how enjoyable the pizza was.
  6. I changed the word good to scrumptious, because it was a more descriptive word. I also added another simile to the end of my poem. I added ” Like a child finished with their candy, I still craved more of you.”
  7. This poem was not difficult to write because there are a lot of senses associated with pizza. It was easy to describe the smell and taste.
  8. I am satisfied with my final draft, I revised and edited it, and got a peer reviewer to go over my final draft.


By: Natalie Beach


We are children

We have no say

We have no truth


Even though we try-

Even though we speak-

We will not be heard


We are just like you

Only young

Yet you can speak

You will be heard


If we must-

We shall scream

Scream our hearts out

In hopes that someone,

anyone, will hear us


Forever I scream

Never to be heard.

“IF ONLY” I scream.

If only…

For children have no say in truth.


Even now,

as these words flow out,

like a raging river,

I will not be heard.


These words will remain

on a blank, ripped page.


They think they know.

They think they care.

But in fact,

they lie.


They do not care-

We are just a number.

We speak-

We scream.


What is the point…

if we will never be heard.

So I remain in silence,

waiting…till the number falls.


By: Sanjana Vandanapu

Why Why Why, questions come across my mind, as I go through this  tragedy

A monstrous attitude falls beneath me as I search for hope

The hope of breakthrough from this horrible adventure

Full of irritation, I continue this journey

Tears crawl down my eyes like lava releasing from a volcano

Strained arms,

From the exhaustion of mourning

A recurring feeling that never seemed to end

The clouds were ready to share my sorrow

The path of hope become difficult to obtain

This is the destruction of faith

This is a wildfire spreading through the forests of faith, destroying our aspirations This is sadness


An Ode to My Refrigerator

by Molly Kaplan


You stand like a trophy,

gleaming in the soft light from the kitchen window.

Your plain exterior nothing compared to what you hold inside.

Two doors, only two doors stand before me

and your delicious contents.

I then open the door, and am greeted with a blinding flash of white light.

My eyes barley see anything but the blurred, illuminated outlines of food.

Like small edible jewels, waiting to be consumed.

If this were heaven, I would gladly go.

My eyes finally adjust to the light, and I behold the most breathtaking sight;

drawers of food line the inside of you, completed filled.

It seemed to beckon me to take something.

This was too good to be real,

it could only have been a dream.

The Forest

By Toby McDonald.


Out in the forest,

Where the hills are alive,

And the campers roam free.

The trees loom overhead,

Showered in green,

And abundant in shade.

The overgrowth grows,

Like a carpet of green,

Nipping at the trail.

The sun and the breeze,

They felt nice in the air,

And then came the rain.

The rain started slow,

And then it got faster,

It suddenly stopped,

And all was good.


By: Bryn Varanelli

Again, for the third time this week,

I see on my phone, the same thing.


Our country is broken glass,

shattered and afriad of what comes next.


Tears and heartbreaks are shown everyday.

From just one man a family would never be the same.


And it continues, still happening day after day.

Concerning millions in our country.


But still we sit in silence, waiting for a response.

The violence never ends, always without a cause.