An Ode to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich

By: Marcus Dixon

The spicy
The dicy
The O’so delicate
Perfection in food form

Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow
Buns with the stars shine
Lettuce from the heavens
Succulent tomatoes from the garden of eden
Cows with the divine milk to create pepperjack cheese of gods

Crispy, creamy, crunchy delight
Chickens eat like vikings in valhalla
Fried to the center
Served at the best places in the world, Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s
Millions served, millions saved by the spicy chicken sandwich
From the producer to the consumer
From production to consumnptionn
The spicy chicken sandwich is all but messy
It is a product of human engineering
Hear its wonderful hymn from the inside of your mouth
Into the belly, and into the gallows, the spicy chicken sandwich is in your soul

1. This poem is an ode.
2.I chose the subject of this ode because the spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich.
3.My tone is awe, pure awe of amazement of the spicy chicken sandwich.
4.The theme is the spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich in the world.
5.”Chickens eat like vikings in valhalla” -metaphor, this contributes to the poem by showing the chicken sandwiches are made out of care. “Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow” – hyperbole, having this in my poem makes the reader visualize the greatness of the sandwich.
6.One revision i made was make the poem more entertaining and free flowing, other than serious. The second revision i made was adding stanzas, separating my thoughts.
7.This poem was very easy to write because i had inspiration from my friend that never stops talking about spicy chicken sandwiches
8.I am very satisfied with my poem, my piece of written artwork. I poured my time and creativity into this piece and it is what i wanted it to be, funny and laid back.

Ode to the Beach

By: Madison Buchanan


You are the reason there are so many smiles in the world.

Feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on my skin

Hearing the waves crash like an angry storm

Stepping on the sand, and feeling it tickle your toes

The season of jubilation and smiles

Hearing the ice cream truck from miles away

Smelling the salty water greet you from far away

You are the idea of absolute bliss

That feeling of the sun’s kiss

As the sunsets, beauty shows far beyond what the eye can see

Seeing the children build sandcastles as high as Mount Everest

You are my knight in shining armour

When I sit on the cotton like sand enveloping me,

the feeling of comfort overwhelms me

Seeing the birds fly high in the sky

Like a baseball soaring into the stands on a hot summer day.

Looking up at the sky and seeing far beyond

Like the future, only stunning

That feeling that the clouds are smiling at you

When you feel as if the sun is watching over you

Seeing the surfers on the waves as if they are one with the ocean

You are the reason there are so many smiles in the world.



  1. The type of poem I published was an ode.
  2. I chose the beach as the subject of my ode because it is my favorite place to go and it is a really comfortable place to be. I believe that it is so beautiful.
  3. The tone of my poem is comfort and happiness because when I am at the beach I feel safe and at ease.
  4. The theme of my poem is being comfortable with your surroundings and to spend time where you are happy.
  5. One example of figurative language in my poem is “seeing the birds fly high in the sky like a baseball soaring into the stands on a hot summer day.This piece of figurative language is a simile. This relates to the tone and theme of my poem because it contributes to the feeling of comfort with surroundings and knowing what makes you happy where you are. I enjoy baseball and the beach and the analogy makes sense. Another example of figurative language from my poem is “hearing the waves crash like an angry storm.” This is a simile. To me, the sound of the waves is very relaxing. The waves are always crashing against the sand and the sound can be very soothing and comforting.
  6. One way I revised my poem is by adding my last line “You are the reason there are so many smiles in the world” and also as the first line of my poem to add repetition and a more poem like sound. Another way I revised my poem was by adding the line “Smelling the salty water greet you from far away” to add more to my poem and make the reader feel like they are at the beach.
  7. This poem was easy to write once I figured out the topic I was going to write about. It was difficult for me to think of an idea to write about but once I thought of a topic it was very easy to write the poem. The imagery was very easy to write but I had some trouble coming up with enough figurative language.
  8. I am very proud of my final draft of my poem because poetry has been something that I can struggle with, mainly because it is difficult for me to think of a topic.



By Jackson Painter


My once friend, now my enemy.

I was stabbed in the back.

I was bitter and wanted revenge.

Luckily i didn’t have to obtain it myself.

One day i was driving and I saw something.

There was a crash and the people inside were dead.

At the moment i was sad and i knew it was a dismal moment.

Later on the news the names of the fallen where shown. There families had felt like their hearts had been torn out.

The names had been shown and i happier than a kid in a candy store.

The car had been my reaper, my hitman.

I had obtained my revenge in the tragic but triumfit moment.


  1. I chose a emotion poem.
  2. I chose this emotion because i have felt it many times.
  3. The tone of my poem is grim.
  4. Sometimes you should not seek revenge because karma will seek it for you.
  5. “There families had felt like their hearts had been torn out.” “The car had been my reaper, my hitman.”
  6. I changed sad to dismal. I changed happy to triumfit. I changed these so i had a stronger meaning and voice and vocabulary.
  7. I think it was fairly easy to write this poem but it was not easy to fine tune and perfect it.
  8. I am satisfied with my final draft because i think it displays the true meaning of my emotion.

Rick Astley For President (Inspired By)

Written by: Jacob Vail


He’s never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry

Never gonna say goodbye

Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Never gonna give

Never gonna give

Give you up

Bright blond hair

Dancing around

He is no stranger to love

And he knows not of hate

He is Rick

And he rightfully should be…



1. I published an inspired by poem.

2. The source of my inspiration was Rick Astley’s song titled “Never Gonna Give You Up,” and I chose it because I enjoy the song and it already contains a large amount of hyperboles.

3. The tone of my poem is proud.

4. The theme of my poem is ‘Rick Astley Should Be President.’

5A. ‘Never gonna let you down’ is an example of a hyperbole, as the word never is an absolute and total word. It influences the tone and theme by providing a quote from the song, as well as being a positive sentence.

5B. ‘Bright blond hair’ is an example of imagery and alliteration, which influences the tone and theme by using a word with a positive connotation.

6A. I changed ‘will’ to ‘should’ in line 15, because it made more sense as Rick Astley becoming president wasn’t a definite thing.

6B. I changed ‘moving’ to ‘dancing in line 11, because in the music video that I took inspiration from, they were dancing, not just moving.

7. It was much more easy to write this poem than the other poems, as I could use words from the song to express my point more clearly, instead of having to come up with all of my own words.

8. I am very satisfied with my final draft, as I don’t see any words that could be improved much farther, and my point gets across very clearly.

Ode to Nail Polish

A previous shoebox

now filled with glass bottles.

Glazed black caps screwed on secure.

What seems like hundreds of colors

posed upright,

lined in rows,

and rows,

and rows.


Azure, the color of the sea.

The blush of a child’s cheeks in the snow.

Ivory of elephant tusks,

emerald and jade mined by the hardest workers,

and the lemon and lime of a soda,

as refreshing

as translucent baby blue water

on a golden summer day.

The luxurious scarlet velvet daybed,

only sat on by

kings and queens with metallic crowns.


The human’s claws,

colored by enamel.

The reflective top coat is applied

with the microscopic brush,

immensely filled with soft bristles.

Made to show passion,


and elegance.


By Briana Ausgotharp


Poetry Publication Reflection

Questions Responses
  1. Which poem type did you publish?
The poem type I chose is ode.
  1. Answer the ONE question that goes with your poem type:

f. Ode: Why did you choose the subject of your ode?

I chose the subject of nail polish for my ode because it consists of many colors and can be made into inspiring art, but instead of only being painted, it is carried with you wherever you are on your nails.
  1. What is the tone of your poem?
The tone of my poem is admiring.
  1. What is the theme of your poem?
The theme of my poem is “simple beauty”.
  1. Choose TWO examples of figurative language in the poem.
  1. Quote the figurative language:The blush of a child’s cheeks in the snow.”
  2. Type of figurative language: metaphor
  3. Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: Explains the pink color of a polish without stating it is pink.
  1. Quote the figurative language: “Azure, the color of the sea.”
  2. Type of figurative language: imagery
  3. Explain how this figurative language contributes to tone and theme development: Explains the color by relating it to something familiar.
  1. What are two specific ways you revised this poem? (Example: “I changed “happy” to “content.”) Why did you make these revisions?
Revision #1: I changed “to show emotion” to “to show passion”

Explanation: I did this because it made the poem flow smoother and it was more of an elevated word choice than “emotion.”

Revision #2: I changed “on a yellow summer day” to “on a golden summer day”

Explanation: This made it seem more lively and joyful. 

  1. How easy or difficult was it to write this poem? Why?
 It was neither easy nor difficult to write this poem. It was quite easy to think of things to relate the colors to, but it was hard to make nail polish seem sophisticated.
  1. How satisfied are you with your final draft? Explain.
 I am not completely happy with my poem, but it was the best out of the other ones I had written. I wish I had chosen a wiser subject or object that was easier to make elegant, but I am not upset with the way I portrayed the object in the poem.



By: Divya Kumar

The birds were chirping their faint songs

The sun slowly creeping out behind the mountains

The courts dark blue under layer

Popped out from the green strokes of color

The crisp, white lines defined the ground

The net was perfectly centered

Trees, all around, lightly swaying from the breeze

The fence surrounded me completely

I seemed encompassed

But somehow I felt


The Old Iron Gate

The dark water gleamed,

as the bright moon peaked its head,

out from the dark clouds.


An old iron gate,

stood next to the dark water,

bathed in the moonlight.


Long left forgotten,

abandoned by its makers,

standing all alone.


Vines covered its side,

concealing all of the rust,

from all of the years.


On its final breath,

unable to keep fighting,

like a sinking ship.


By: Ethan Twombly

The Real Reality

By: Kassandra Reyes


I pinched and hit

But it did no good,

This is our reality

The world in which we live


Pain, hurt, sadness

Our reality

The skies turn as dark

As their lonely hearts

And shield the light from

Our lives


And our flood of tears

Hit the ground with a silent splash

To wash away the pain,

In our real reality


But I see the light

In the tunnel far away

If only we could get there





  1. I published an Inspired By poem.
  2. The source of my inspiration was the poem titled Reality by Joshua Pickron. I picked this poem because I think it depicts the world in an interesting way, I also think that it is very deep and well written. I also think that this poem is a good one to respond to because people have very different views on the world and reality.
  3. The tone of my poem is distressing.
  4. The theme of my poem is the world is imperfect but can be repaired.
  5. In my poem I used a simile, “The skies turn as dark As their lonely hearts”. This helped the development of my poem by showing one of the imperfections in our reality. In my poem I used a hyperbole “, And our flood of tears”. This helped the development of my poem by showing the reader the extent of the pain in the world.
  6. I changed “no use” to “no good” at the beginning of the poem to develop a smooth transition from one line to the next. I changed “One day” to “Someday” at the end of the poem to make it stand out.
  7. This poem was relatively easy to write because of the way that Joshua Pickron wrote his poem it made it easy to relate to as if it was a conversation between poems.
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I worked hard on it, and I think it conveys a strong message.



Will the Future Give Us Freedom?

By Sean Peacock


Will the future give us a choice?

Will the future be a choice?

Will our statue still stand,

As it has for years.


Will our rights still live,

Or will rights be extinct?

Of all the choices in the world,

The future is the most crucial.


Where we may be commanded,

Not in war, but in life.

Will our window be open,

Or already gone?


The future is dashing.

When should we start to change,

Because there is no end.


The future is like a slithering snake.

Hissing at our changes,

Because the future is on a course.

But will the future

Give us freedom?



  1. I wrote an inspired poem.
  2. I got my inspiration from dystopian books, because they make me think if that future could truly be a reality.
  3. The tone of my poem is anxiety.
  4. The theme of my poem is to make a difference.
  5. A form of figurative language is “The future is like a slithering snake.” This is a simile, and it contributes to theme and tone development by saying that there is not much time to change, and there is the anxiety of waiting what the future will be. The second figurative language in my poem is “Hissing at our changes.” This is a form of onomatopoeia, and causes us to be anxious at our changes of how tha snake will change and that differences make a difference.
  6. My first revision was changing “running” to “dashing” to make it feel like it was moving much faster. My second revision was changing “dead” to “extinct” which gave a better since of rights never coming back.
  7. It was pretty easy to right this poem since I was righting based off of an inspiration which allowed me to easily establish what I wanted to establish.
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because it has gone revision and editing and all of that has created a poem that shows my view of the dystopian world.


The moving vehicle felt like I was riding a bull in a rodeo

The smell of cold air in the changing atmosphere tickles my nose

The wind is crashing into my face without giving pain

My vision blurs as my eyes shut tightly

The world turns pitch-black

The rumbling sound of the machine caused me to clutch the handles

like holding a life line and pray

My heart is jumping out of my chest

I scream, but no sound come out

Fear is a ghost, seeking to hold me back

But I won’t be afraid anymore, I promise myself

I slowly and diligently let go of the safety bar

The wind welcomes me as the roller coaster descends