The Piano

By: Nandini Udaya Kumar

I remember the way the keys felt,

It was like I was floating in the air,

The keys fell into a melody,

Slowly and slowly and slowly,

when I played the piano the tune sang,

Ding ding ding lightly fading away,

the melody is like a graceful book flipping through the pages.

When the piano is done with the song it is as quiet as snow.

The pianos feelings rush out,

It will rush out like a voice quietly speaking gently.

The final feeling when you finish is like a heart finally warm.

the booklet of the song,

the pages of the book,

the notes on the pages,

they felt like eternity,

more than 500 pages,

while my hands played the keys of the piano,

forever and ever and ever.

Inspired by Poem:

Was inspired by: Ode of Joy

Ode ro Eggs

Ode to Eggs

by: Amy Truong


When weekend mornings

come around

like the end of a race,

I hear your sizzles,

oh, what a pleasant sound

Out of my bed and

downstairs I go,

you’re on the table

like a gift from above,

and you’re not alone.

Partner in crime-

With bacon, maybe toast

you are a treat

for which I write this ode.

For you, little eggo,

with your bright, fresh yolk

and shining white coat.

You are like the sun,

encased in clouds,

as joyful as a chick.

Your savory scent is

always in my head and

I would like to see you again.

Maybe next weekend,

you could even bring a friend.


  1. I wrote an ode.
  2. I chose to write about eggs because eggs are a constant in my life.
  3. The tone of my poem is heart-lifting.
  4. The theme of my poem is how much I enjoy eating eggs.
  5. Two examples of figurative language are “You are like the sun” and “as joyful as a chick.” “You are like the sun” is a simile that provides a feeling of delight. “As joyful as a chick” is another simile that surfaces a feeling of cheerfulness.
  6. Two specific revisions that I made are “Partner in crime- With bacon, maybe toast,” and “your savory scent is always in my head.” With “partner in crime- with bacon, maybe toast,” I chose to replace “paired with bacon, sometimes toast” with the current statement because it allowed for figurative language. With “your savory scent is always in my head,” I added the word savory because it added a word of sensory detail.
  7. It was mildly difficult writing my poem because of how much figurative language I had to include.
  8. I am very satisfied with the final draft of my poem because I believe it fully conveys the mood I wanted to portray.

Ode to the Forest

By:Adam Jeong

I walk,

I walk into your towering trees

like the blades of grass

to a bumblebee

I see,

I see your deers staring at me,

they are quiet like a sleeping mouse.

I hear,

I hear the chirping of your cricket they like

Your own personal warriors

In the night,

your moonlight fills me with delight.

Your flowers smile at me

like a ray of hope.

your shade engulfs me as if it were my predator.
it traps me in a metal box.

I cannot escape,

I can only lay quiet

in peace and neutrality

As if I were the

Embodiment of tranquility.

  1. The type of poem I chose to write was an ode.
  2. I chose the subject nature because I love the wilderness.
  3. The tone of my poem was peaceful.
  4. The theme of my poem was nature is beautiful






Ode to Dusty

by Aaron Weidner

What was once

A brilliant

Beautiful depot

A source of material

With extraordinary wood stacks

Which were like Gods

Many respected

And many loved

What was known as an OG place

There from the beginning

Before all else

An elder being

A living force

With all wisdom

And all knowledge

A landing spot for noobs

But at the same time

A household of glory

What was then

Is no longer

What is now a crater

A divot

The new tilted towers

A warzone

A place of destruction

A place of hop rocks

What was once an amazing depot

What is now a frightening divot

Like a force of destruction

Taking over the whole center

Of the map

We knew and loved

Out with the old and in with the new

But my friend

Dusty depot

Will always be remembered


1. The poem that I published is an ode.

2. I choose Dusty Depot as the subject of my ode because I feel that I can help people to remember the greatness and glory of what we no longer have.

3. The tone of my poem is nostalgic

4. The theme of my poem is that you have to appreciate what you have before it is gone.

5. One example of figurative language I had in my poem was “the new tilted towers”. The type of figurative language was a metaphor. This contributed to tone and theme development in the poem because it helps to give people a better idea of how chaotic dusty divot has become. It also helps to point out how peaceful and amazing dusty depot was before the divot took over.

Another example of figurative language I had in my poem was “like a force of destruction, taking over the whole center of the map”. The type of figurative language was a simile. This contributed to tone and theme development in the poem because it shows how devastating this catastrophe was and how big of a mess it is.

6.  One specific way that I revised this poem was that I changed “like a volcano” to “like a force of destruction”. I make this change to give a better simile that more clearly shows what happened.

Another specific way that I revised this poem was that I changed “scary” to “frightening” because frightening is a better, more intense word to use.

7. Writing this poem was actually very easy because it really just flowed onto the paper. I know a lot about fortnite and it is something that I really like, so it was very easy to write about.

8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I feel that I revised it to my best ability and it has a lot of good metaphores and similes that help to make my poem more enjoyable and understandable.

The Game


By: GraysonStiles


I step back and shoot

this shot is for everything

the trophy is mine.

3 secconds are left

the whole building goes silent

I bring home the gold.

They pass me the ball

the game is now in my hands

I have won the game

Twister : By Elijah F

Look at the gray sky

Raindrops falling in large drops

Landing on the ground


Thunder clapping loud

Lightning breaking through the sky



Wind is picking up

Swirling in a large spiral

Forming a twister


Cold winds picking up

Lifting me off of the ground

Dropping me up high

We hope for a day

By:Sydney Andrea

We hope for a day when children can play,

Safe and free from harm.

Where lockdown drills remain just drills,

A future where no childrens lives are lost.

No more parents mourning their children,

Whos lives were taken from them.

No more bullets shattering across a school floor.

Our youth protected now and forever more.

Guns running through the halls,

Angels of death, terrifying to all.

Time is running out, tic, tic, tic.

No blood stained across the school brick.

A future with no lives lost in our schools,

No children scared on their morning cummute.

We hope for a day when our children can play in their currently deadly schools.


A Midnight Scare

By: Ashley Walters


A peaceful shadow

had settled over the room.

I blinked comfortably,

though unsure of why I was awake.


A whimper caused me to startle,

propping myself on my elbows.

A shadow circled by my feet.

I watched it grow closer.


Soft fur brushed my arms

and my vision was blocked by black.

I extended my hand,

not used to her affection.


I was struck suddenly

by how hot the room was.

She was panting

and nudging herself under my arms.


My eyes blinked rapidly as tears welled up.

Was this how it would end for her?

Tucked under my arm and overheated?

I pulled her closer,

shutting my eyes as I hoped for the best.





  1.  I published a sensory poem.
  2.  I chose this event because it was a very emotional time for me.
  3.  The tone of my poem is somber.
  4.  The theme of my poem is the time when I was afraid my dog was going to die.
  5.  Two examples of figurative language in my poem are “soft fur” and “how hot the room was.” “Soft fur” is touch imagery, and helps the poem by showing the reader the situation. “Hot hot the room was” is also tough imagery, and helps the poem by adding an undercurrent of being uncomfortable.
  6. Two ways I revised this poem is by changing “realized” to “struck” and “raised my head” to “startle.” Both of these revisions have negative connotations, and they fit better than words with neutral connotations.
  7. This poem was difficult to write because it was an event that was very personal to me.
  8. I am somewhat satisfied with my poem, because I like how the flow of the words works, but I do not think my word choice conveys the mood I had chosen.

Dream Date

By: Gaby Figueroa-Badel

  1. Strolling along the boardwalk,
  2. The crunch of sand bits under our shoes,
  3. A strong mix of scents fill the air,
  4. One of sweet fluffy clouds sold on a stick,
  5. Another of the tangy salt air,
  6. Both blown up in our faces,
  7. Playing a game of Tug ‘o’ War on our noses,
  8. Slowly parting from the sea of glowing neon lights, game music, and children yelling of joy,
  9. Soon enough,
  10. We’re standing right in the middle,
  11. Of where two exotic elements meet each other,
  12. Ginormous bubbles of the waves crashing down,
  13. Onto the powdery white sand,
  14. I let go of his grasp,
  15. Which had held onto me like the harness of a zipline,
  16. To immerse my toes into the cold mixture of the clear water and sand,
  17. I look up slightly blinded,
  18. By the big, bright, beaming star in the sky,
  19. As it slowly reaches down lining up with the ocean,
  20. Its rays bouncing up and down the water,
  21. I spin my head around only to find him staring straight at me,
  22. A crooked grin from ear to ear,
  23. The softest eyes looking deep within my soul,
  24. Beautiful lashes batting at mine,
  25. I smile back,
  26. Letting him know that everything happening is real,
  27. And not in his head,
  28. For it’s in mine,
  29. And I cherish every minute of it.


  1. I published a Sensory detail Poem


  1. I choose this event because it was a nice memory of a dream I had, and I figured that the beach had many chances to put in sensory details.


  1. I believe that the tone is empathetic.


  1. Enjoying and savoring wonderful moments, are a part of life that people should hold onto and be grateful for.


  1. The first example of figurative language is:
    1. “By the big, bright, beaming star in the sky,”
    2. The type of figurative language is alliteration.
    3. I believe that this line of figurative language contributes to the poem and  is a kind of reminder to the reader that everything about this poem is relaxing, and calming.


The second example of figurative language is:

    1. “Playing a game of Tug ‘o’ War on our noses,”
    2. The type of figurative language is personification.
    3. This type of figurative language contributes to the poem by really explaining to the reader how strong the scents are, and yet how they might be complete opposites, they are pleasant to smell.


  1. The first revision I made was:
  1. I changed “Sweet and fluffy clouds sold on a stick,” to “One of sweet fluffy clouds sold on a stick,”.
  2. I changed this line because I felt that the reader needed to know that I was only talking about to scents in the poem, and felt that, that was the best way to differentiate them. I also took out the “and” between “sweet” and “fluffy” because I did not think that it was needed.


The second revision I made was:

  1. Lines 7,8, and 9 were originally going to say “As we slowly part from the sea of, Bright, signs, game music, and people screaming, Joy after winning stuffed animals from games,”. I revised and edited those lines by typing line 8 as “Slowly parting from the sea of glowing neon lights, game music, and children yelling of joy,” and completely replacing line 9 with “Soon enough,”.
  2. I edited those lines because I think the ones before them were too intense and were nowhere near the peaceful setting I wanted in my poem. I also believe that the old line of 9 did not even contribute to the main idea of the poem.


  1. It was very easy to type up this poem because I already had half of the material written up, and even though I changed much of the content, I found that the words just keep flowing once you have a solid idea in mind, with many supportive details.


  1. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I consider myself a good writer. Whenever I start to write about a story that I’ve had in mind for awhile, it almost always comes out the way that I thought it would. That’s exactly what happened with my piece here, so I am happy with it.

You Don’t Know

By: Ritwik Rangu




Don’t tell me you know how I feel

Unless you have seen your best friend ooze blood

Heard ear piercing gunshots

Don’t tell me that they are free

I am not the man I used to be


Why did it happen to us

What did we do to deserve this

Friends and teachers you will be remembered

You will be in my heart forever

Please don’t forget about this

So don’t tell me you know how I feel