Falling Down

By Matthew Hembrador



I’m dying inside

Everything inside is aflame.

There is no breeze as I descend.

I’m falling.

The feeling of neglect like a withering plant

Like an abandoned toy.

Was messed around with no care.

I’m falling

I was a sword being put to good use

Become dull and was discarded.

I forged a new blade

Only to be screaming as I shatter.

Thrown into a furnace

Only to feel the fire again.

Plunged into the dark abyss walking aimlessly

I want to get out

I can’t get out

But I go back to the start

Finally waking up with a sense of relief.

But reality cannot be remolded.

My soul is being corrupted.

My soul is at disarray.

I’m empty like a hollow shell.

I’m falling down

To see the fiery hell

Why can it not stop

It’s never ending

I want to rest

I want to be released from these chains

My life was twisted

Looping back to where I started

But now I can sleep

And be at ease.





  1. I wrote an Emotion Poem.
  2. I chose to write on depression because it gives me the feeling that life isn’t fair.
  3. The tone of this story is melancholy.
  4. The theme of the poem is that you can’t recover from everything.
  5. “I was a sword being put to good use, became dull and was discarded,” is a metaphor comparing a person with a sword. This figurative language contributes to the poem because it shows that the person thought he had a purpose, to only find out that he was being used.
  6. One revision I did was adding “I’m falling,” to show that the character’s problem is getting worse. Another revision I did was change “a mess” to “disarray” to deepen the vocabulary.
  7. Writing this poem wasn’t hard or easy, because the poem was able to flow, but coming up with the story got me caught up a bit.
  8. I’m satisfied with the final draft because the poem turned out a lot better than I thought it was going to be.