By: Max Villegas

Tick Tock goes the clock,

As I wait in bed to fall into a state of mind

My thoughts haunt me, but one conquers,

Dominates them all, like the nucleus of a cell

Or the alpha of a wolf pack

It’s the water that I drink

The air I breathe

The clothing on my aching, worn out back

A thought I know I shouldn’t have

Something all humans would be ashamed of, like a young one

Sneaking a cookie from the jar, without Mother’s consent

It’s all I see when looking in the mirror, it stares back at me

Cackling, hissing, sneering

But it’s an addiction, not like others

I call it my fuel, as engine is to vehicle

It’s not possible to function without it

Jealousy has ruined me

Jealousy has become me, no-

Jealousy is me