Ode to the Forest

By:Adam Jeong

I walk,

I walk into your towering trees

like the blades of grass

to a bumblebee

I see,

I see your deers staring at me,

they are quiet like a sleeping mouse.

I hear,

I hear the chirping of your cricket they like

Your own personal warriors

In the night,

your moonlight fills me with delight.

Your flowers smile at me

like a ray of hope.

your shade engulfs me as if it were my predator.
it traps me in a metal box.

I cannot escape,

I can only lay quiet

in peace and neutrality

As if I were the

Embodiment of tranquility.

  1. The type of poem I chose to write was an ode.
  2. I chose the subject nature because I love the wilderness.
  3. The tone of my poem was peaceful.
  4. The theme of my poem was nature is beautiful