A Morning of Fishing

By: Cayden Gavin



I woke up early in the morning

Ate a quick breakfast and went down stairs.

I grabbed my fishing gear and hoped on my bike,

Riding down the gravel road with no one around,

With The warm sun beating on my back.

My rod in my left hand and tackle box in right,

The struggle to steer as the rough rocky road bounced my bike around.

I found a spot, hopped off my bike and layed it against a sizable tree,

I sat on the edge of the canal and started fishing,

The smell of fresh salty air all around.

A light breeze making small ripples across the water

And the sound of waves crashing in the distance,

Billions of minos swimming in the water below me

But nothing taking the bait.

Fish start to jump and splash water close to me

Finally one was on the line

I reeled it in and got one,

I took the wet and slimy fish off the line and threw it back

I knew it was going to be a good day for fishing.




The poem type I published was the sensory detail poem.

I chose this event as the basis of my poem because I knew there was a lot of sensory details.

The tone of my poem is peaceful.

The theme of my poem is that you should appreciate nature.

Billions of minos swimming in the water below me is a hyperbole and it tells the reader that you can find cool things in nature.

Another figurative language is small ripples across the water. This is imagery and it shows that the surroundings are peaceful.

One revision I made was changing big tree to sizable tree. It added better language to the poem making it sound better.

A second revision I made was adding fresh before salty to show that the air smelled good.

This poem was easy to write because there was a lot of sensory details and it was a really peaceful moment.

I am really satisfied with this poem because it captured the moment really really well and in detail.