Everyday Life

By: Naomi Minwalla


I feel lost and unsteady

My brain is like an endless roller coaster going round and round

I feel walls closing in on me every second of everyday

Everything falls apart but you just don’t know how to put it back together

It takes over your brain without you even knowing.

Some more than others

Slowly getting more and more addled

Anxiety is the mini heart attack you recieve when you’re walking down the stairs and miss a step

It is the moment when you seem to think things are ok but then a slight blare or grumble can change that in an instant

It dances around your mind giving you negative and dark thoughts

Not knowing whether to speak them or to conceal them inside

The minute it hits you feel balmy and don’t know what is happening

Slowly it will get better but until then it stands to be everyday life



My poem type is an emotion poem. I decided to choose an emotion poem because it is easy for me to spill out my thoughts and feelings onto paper. The tone of this poem is dejected, I chose this word because to me this poem speaks that it is dejected. The theme of my poem is dark and gloomy because during these times you can feel mournful, or not know what you are feeling which can then lead you down a dark path. One way I revised this poem was changing the word confused to addled for a more intriguing read. Another way I revised was changing my average metaphor into a more meaningful metaphor to describe to the reader how the feeling occurs. It was easy for me to write this poem because as I said before it is easy for me to pour my thoughts out onto paper and describe the feelings, and meanings of it. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I feel I put my best effort into this and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to.