“Cookies” by Abby Shockley (block 3)


A four year old boy climbs

up those concrete stairs

pitter patter goes his little feet.

He enters with a kind greeting, as he

takes off his coat, his cheeks rosy from the cold.

A kind woman welcomes him

and ties an apron around his back.

Another girl joins the group, a teenager

she gives the little boy a hug.

He smiles and steps up on

a stool to begin a beloved tradition.


The teenage girl brings out cookie cutters

while the older woman rolls out

the lumpy cookie dough

to the perfectly smooth texture.


And as the little boy cut out

those delicious treats, the woman took pictures

and the teenager simply smiled, watching

as her little cousin makes

Christmas cookies, his face lit up

like this was the best day in his life.

And as this was going on

the girl thought, “This seems so familiar.”


And when the dough was all gone

and the aroma of sugar cookies

walked into the house

the little boy picked up a cookie

and handed it to his cousin, still warm.

And they ate together,

the dough melting in their mouths.

And outside, a twinkly snow was falling

creating a winter wonderland.