We three sing America

By: Madison Rietheimer

We Three sing America

My sisters work hard if not harder

Sweating dusk till dawn,  while your out to play

You refuse to hear my voice

But that’s ok

We’ll work harder

We’ll pave our own way

Nothing handed to us on a silver platter

We’ll work night and day

You spurn to listen to me now

But one day you’ll be the one to bow

We’ll put up with you for now

But just know

When the sun rises tomorrow

We will have had enough

And my sisters and me will prevail

Because time’s up.

One day you will see and you will appreciate us because

We ARE America.

1/2.The type of poem I wrote is an inspired by poem. What inspired me was the big women’s rights movement going on in hollywood right now.

3. The tone of my poem is passive aggressive.

4. The theme of my poems is even though there is a lot of women inequality going on, one day women will have equal rights.

5. To examples of figurative languge are hyperbole: Sweating dusk till dawn, and Imagery:When the sun rises tomorrow. It shows how hard the women are working.

6. Two revisions I made are 1. I changed some words so it wasn’t so repetition.

7.This poem was somewhat difficult for me to write because it is a very touchy subject.

8. Im extermly proud of my final product. It reflects how I feel and shows how other girls may feel.