Gun “Control”

By; Emma karry

Can you hear the kids?

Their parents are screaming

Texts are forever long and never ending

“School is a safe place” though is it true?

Maybe, but the people in it may not be

The kids are running as if they were animals scavenging for life

Phone calls to parents are exchanged

The news is blowing up

This is a tragic thing, but all we have done is publicize everything

When does it stop?

Does it stop when the kids hearts do?

These guns are doing no good

The kids are not either

“They’re okay” as you brush it off your shoulder

But the thing is, these kids are not “okay”

January 20, Winston Salem, North Carolina- May 25,  Noblesville, Indiana

These shootings are spreading like a virus

Are the kids still “okay” or are we  actually ready to do something?