The Problem with Politics

By: Ashish Sakhuja


Loud tirades given back and forth,

New problems left unsolved,

Argument and grudges held against one another.


It’s chaos, its a rampage, it’s a huge mess, it’s politics,

It’s the cause of uproars within the government,

The government is swatting away our dreams,


The government’s failure will be our demise,

The anger will only continue to spread,

Legislators are boiling mad at each other.


The economy continues to crumble,

More and more problems are piling up,

The whole country is experiencing the problems,

And it’s all because of the government.


New enemies are made every day,

The threat toward our country continues to increase,

The leaders our developing more nuclear weapons instead of helping our citizens.


There has to be some change, a change that will make America great again.