Ode ro Eggs

Ode to Eggs

by: Amy Truong


When weekend mornings

come around

like the end of a race,

I hear your sizzles,

oh, what a pleasant sound

Out of my bed and

downstairs I go,

you’re on the table

like a gift from above,

and you’re not alone.

Partner in crime-

With bacon, maybe toast

you are a treat

for which I write this ode.

For you, little eggo,

with your bright, fresh yolk

and shining white coat.

You are like the sun,

encased in clouds,

as joyful as a chick.

Your savory scent is

always in my head and

I would like to see you again.

Maybe next weekend,

you could even bring a friend.


  1. I wrote an ode.
  2. I chose to write about eggs because eggs are a constant in my life.
  3. The tone of my poem is heart-lifting.
  4. The theme of my poem is how much I enjoy eating eggs.
  5. Two examples of figurative language are “You are like the sun” and “as joyful as a chick.” “You are like the sun” is a simile that provides a feeling of delight. “As joyful as a chick” is another simile that surfaces a feeling of cheerfulness.
  6. Two specific revisions that I made are “Partner in crime- With bacon, maybe toast,” and “your savory scent is always in my head.” With “partner in crime- with bacon, maybe toast,” I chose to replace “paired with bacon, sometimes toast” with the current statement because it allowed for figurative language. With “your savory scent is always in my head,” I added the word savory because it added a word of sensory detail.
  7. It was mildly difficult writing my poem because of how much figurative language I had to include.
  8. I am very satisfied with the final draft of my poem because I believe it fully conveys the mood I wanted to portray.