The Small Moments of Life

Dori Bruno

The Small Moments of Life

Sitting in a car with all of your friends

Windows rolled down

Wind whisking through your hair

Your favorite song blasting

While everyone in the car is singing at the top of their lungs

Feeling of genuine glee

Being overwhelmed by pure delight

The aroma of fresh, summer air

When you can’t stop smiling

You’re laughing so hard that your stomach starts to hurt

You think to yourself

If I could stay in this moment for the rest of my life

I would

All your problems suddenly disappear

When you’re filled with optimism

Filled with love

Filled with pure joy

Then the sun starts to set

And the sky becomes breathtaking

Different colors painted perfectly

While looking at perfectly painted sky

You think to yourself

Life is magnificent

Isn’t it?


Poetry Publication Reflection


  1. I published a sensory detail poem.
  2. I chose this event as the basis for my poem because there was so many little things that made this moment feel special and I felt I could describe all those special moments in sensory details.
  3. The tone of my poem is joyful.
  4. The theme of my poem is that even small moments in life like car rides and sunsets are magnificent and we shouldn’t take those moments for granted.
  5. “You’re laughing so hard your stomach starts to hurt.” (Imagery because you feel it and it shows how happy I was because I couldn’t stop laughing.)
  6. I revised this poem by changing “When you’re filled with hope” to “When you’re filled with optimism.” Because I felt that hope was too much of a basic word, and optimism is a little bit more complex. I also changed “smell” to “aroma” because I felt the word aroma is very pleasant and describes how I feel about summer air.
  7. It was pretty easy writing this poem because I have a strong love for little moments in life like this one.
  8. I am very satisfied with my final draft because I believe it really makes the reader feel like they are in that moment, and I believe they can picture that moment when I was in the car. I also feel like the reader can make the sunset into whatever they want and can picture what it looks like in their head.