An Ode to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich

By: Marcus Dixon

The spicy
The dicy
The O’so delicate
Perfection in food form

Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow
Buns with the stars shine
Lettuce from the heavens
Succulent tomatoes from the garden of eden
Cows with the divine milk to create pepperjack cheese of gods

Crispy, creamy, crunchy delight
Chickens eat like vikings in valhalla
Fried to the center
Served at the best places in the world, Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s
Millions served, millions saved by the spicy chicken sandwich
From the producer to the consumer
From production to consumnptionn
The spicy chicken sandwich is all but messy
It is a product of human engineering
Hear its wonderful hymn from the inside of your mouth
Into the belly, and into the gallows, the spicy chicken sandwich is in your soul

1. This poem is an ode.
2.I chose the subject of this ode because the spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich.
3.My tone is awe, pure awe of amazement of the spicy chicken sandwich.
4.The theme is the spicy chicken sandwich is the best sandwich in the world.
5.”Chickens eat like vikings in valhalla” -metaphor, this contributes to the poem by showing the chicken sandwiches are made out of care. “Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow” – hyperbole, having this in my poem makes the reader visualize the greatness of the sandwich.
6.One revision i made was make the poem more entertaining and free flowing, other than serious. The second revision i made was adding stanzas, separating my thoughts.
7.This poem was very easy to write because i had inspiration from my friend that never stops talking about spicy chicken sandwiches
8.I am very satisfied with my poem, my piece of written artwork. I poured my time and creativity into this piece and it is what i wanted it to be, funny and laid back.