Fourteen Nights

Duamel Martinez

I hoped on to my laptop at about 7am very early. Then I stop to eat my breakfast around 10:40. The only reason i played was cause my family is tourn apart we just dont work good together like me with a golden scar. We dropped in salty ready to start our grind when all became white incluiding my eyes. I was knocked cold my heart stung like it came in contact with poison ivey I thought it was all over until my team member revived me. I said it must have took a miracle to survive that blast he said nah while you were inside I was still outside in the grass. But we all heard some footsteps and I said we need to leave but I a little but of a trick up my sleave. They all were loaded but i had a pump and as socas they came I turn and jumped hit one he got knocked and the his partners tried to spray but I pump and pumped then we got away we made it to circle I got to admit we were on a run but then i got the last kill yellow words apeard victory royal #1

I’m Not The Spotlight

By: Catherine Choi

I stumble through the hallway making “click”s as I walk.

My colorful dress flows uncomfortably but that is okay.

When I lift my eyes to make an eye contact with the spectators, I’m nothing but embarrassment and regret.

Surprisingly, they don’t look at me like I’m crazy.

Thankfully, they don’t comment on my look.

Oddly, they don’t laugh at my look that of course, to them, looks ridiculous.

But I see horror in their eyes.

Then soon, but slowly, all the embarrassment and regret is gone.

Only the unrecognizable feeling is left.

I’m like a firefighter, sticky from sweating.

Fiery, fury fire in me, I manage to look at my dress that turned monocolor.

Horror is in my eyes now.

My dress is dripping red.

If only they had warned me, I would still be wearing my beautiful, colorful dress.