The Piano

By: Nandini Udaya Kumar

I remember the way the keys felt,

It was like I was floating in the air,

The keys fell into a melody,

Slowly and slowly and slowly,

when I played the piano the tune sang,

Ding ding ding lightly fading away,

the melody is like a graceful book flipping through the pages.

When the piano is done with the song it is as quiet as snow.

The pianos feelings rush out,

It will rush out like a voice quietly speaking gently.

The final feeling when you finish is like a heart finally warm.

the booklet of the song,

the pages of the book,

the notes on the pages,

they felt like eternity,

more than 500 pages,

while my hands played the keys of the piano,

forever and ever and ever.

Inspired by Poem:

Was inspired by: Ode of Joy

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