Ode To Money

By Sami Fuleihan

Sitting There
A stack of mint green paper
Pure, like a unblemished jewel
Why are you so valuable?
You are coveted
Everyone wants you
But 1,000 years ago
You were worth nothing
You are worth nothing
But here
You are valuable
Like a basic human need
Oh, how fresh
Like a cool glass of milk on a warm summer day
In a special way
Beautiful like a sparkling diamond
You are valuable
Because we say so
No one,
Could find anything superior
Than the sight
Of you
Sitting there
A stack of paper
Unexceptional, like green grass
But special to us
Like a cherished gem


I published an “Ode to Money”.
I chose to write an Ode to Money because I felt that I could emphasize an impressive change of tone.
The tone of Ode to Money starts off curriosly and than changes to an appreciative tone. A couple of times, I even flat out wonder why money is so valuable
“Why? Why are you so valuable?”.
The theme of the Ode, is that money is valuable, but only if we value it. As in don’t place to much value into something that’s just a bunch of paper.

“Unexceptional, like green grass” -Simile
This simile shows how normal looking money can be.
5.) “No one could find anything superior to the sight of you” – Hyperbole
This hyperbole shows that money (for some people, )can be obsessive and overvalued.
6.) I changed waned, to coveted.
I made this revision because I felt that coveted better explained the tone of the poem.
6.) I changed, “Anyone would be hard-pressed to find anything better than the sight of you” to “No one, could find anything superior than the sight”. I made this revision because the hyperbole emphasized how hard it is to find better stuff than money, with no strings attached.
7.) I found that it was hard to write this poem, because I had to add a lot of figurative language to the poem,( more than I normally do).
8.) I am really happy with my final draft, because all the revisions I made helped the poem grow. Originally the poem was really weak with not too many extravagant words, and almost no figurative language. However now, the poem contains a plethora of figurative language and elevated words.


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