I wish that they would go.

By Tyler Byrd


I hear the roar of rotors,

I watch the boots hit sand.

I feel the danger in the moment,

and they can barely stand.


I hear the screams like thunder,

They echo throughout the row.

The bangs, booms of bombs,

and they all continue to grow.


I hear the cracks like earthquakes,

I watch the battle unfold.

I feel that feeling of death,

and I allow it to take its toll.


I hear the crackle of fire,

I watch the bodies lay.

I’ve grown used to this occurrence,

it’s just another day.


I remembered the reason for my hate,

The hate like a raging beast.

I watch their AK’s upon their backs,

I growl when watching them feast.


My home it lays in ruins,

I know not who made it so.

The one thing I know is simple,

I wish that they would go.


1. The poem type I chose to work with was a “Inspired by” poem.

2. My poems insperation was based heavily on a innocent civilian in the Middle East, a location known for US Military and terrorist involvement.

3.  The tone I was going for in “I wish that they would go” was a a mix of Angry and Sad emotions.

4. The theme of my story was that a large amount of Terrorism takes place in the Middle East. We don’t really stop to think about the citizens of the Middle East, those that stayed there and deal with the constant fire fights between the United States Military and the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda.

5. Two examples of figurative language “I wish that they would go” are

”A hate like a raging beast” -Line 18. Simile. This helps to scale the hatred this man has for the Terrorists that take so much from him.

”I hear the roar of rotors” -Line 1. Personification. This helps to show the helicopter as if it was a beast carrying little soldiers within.

6. Two ways I revised my poem was adding my sections to it, it only had four sections originally but it is now six, aswell as that I also changed the name and ending around from “I hope that it will change” to “I wish that they would go”

7. This poem was reletivly easy to write suprisingly. Most would expect me to ponder for hours searching for ideas but truthfully I just sit down, think of a subject, and start rhyming to make a product.

8 I am satisfied with how my final draft came out. Then again, I’m satisfied with most of the stuff I make.

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