Camp Misery

By Lance Burns

While at camp I came back from a soggy hike with my Boy Scout troop.

The terrain was mushy and it was raining.


My leader instructed me and my friend bob to take out the trash.

The dumpster was on the other side of camp near the mess hall.


Bob and I began our trek.

We were half way through the forest when  a twig snapped behind me.


I slowly turned around shaking vigorously

I pointed my light towards the tree line.


several beady eyes were looking my way.

Bob belted RACOONS!


We booked it out of the forest .

Once we escaped the forest we ran to an open field.


Bobs head lamp was on so his face got bombarded by moths.

We finally escaped the moths and saw a silhouette of a man.


The shadow yelled and we ran away.

We knew we were near because of the putrid smell of garbage.


On the way back to camp I tripped in mud and tasted a mouthful.

It tasted earthy and wet.


Out of all this nothing good happened.

I will never return


  1. I wrote a sensory details poem
  2. I chose this poem because this memory was filled with senses form sight to sound and even taste.
  3. The tone of my poem is misery
  4. Camping hardships
  5. There is taste of mud(imagery)  this relates because if you taste mud you will be miserable and onomatopoeia (snap) and this relates because snap is a sound word.
  6. I changed intensely to vigorously and changed when I was at camp to while at camp
  7. This poem was easy to write because I can remember most of what happened
  8. I am very satisfied with my poem because it shows the worst moment in my life that most people will think is funny.

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