By Emily Franks


I am not beautiful.

So don’t waste your time to convince me that

I’m a beautiful person.

There are so many details that I hate about myself,

And I will not lie and tell myself by saying

That there is beauty within me.

Rest assured, I will tell myself every chance I get

That my demons are eating me alive.

That I’m an awful, ugly, worthless person,

And nothing you can ever say will make me believe

I still deserve love and respect.

Because no matter what,

I am not worthy to receive love.

And I’m in no way or position to believe that

Beauty lives within my soul.

Because every time I glance into the mirror I say to myself,

Am I truly as hideous as people tell me?


(Now read bottom up)


1)I published an inspired by poem.


2)My source of inspiration was my inability to see myself as beautiful before, and how I am beginning to grow as a person and see myself as beautiful how I am.


3)The tone of my poem is uplifting.


4)The theme of my poem is how you are beautiful just as you are and you should see yourself as beautiful as you really are.


5) “Beauty lives within my soul.” This is an example of personification. This contributes to the theme development by saying in a different way that we all have beauty. Another example of figurative language is “my demons are eating me alive” which is a metaphor. This contributes to the theme development by how at first you find yourself so awful and how you just can’t take it anymore and after you can’t even recognize the demons you don’t even have.


6) One revision I made was changing “ugly” to “hideous” to enhance the language and to make it more connotative. Another revision I made to my poem was to change “get” to “receive” to make it a higher level of vocabulary and to make it more connotative.


7) This poem was somewhere in the middle of easy and difficult because the topic of hating yourself is something I struggle with on a daily basis. It was difficult because of the structure of poem I wrote. Having the sentences work both ways and for them to have opposite meanings.


8) I am very satisfied with my final draft because of the structure of the poem I wrote was not easy and I am very proud I managed to do it. I also believe that lots of people will be able to relate to my poem.

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