By: Ahlahnis Perry

I too am human

We walk the same grounds every day

Breathe the same air every night

I may look different

But i’m no alien


I’m unique

And i deserve to be acknowledged

When i come from behind my mask

Everyone will see

That i’m too human


  1. I did a inspired by poem.
  2. The source of my information was the book and movie wonder because i really like the concept of both.
  3. The tone of my poem is passionate.
  4. The theme of my poem is that no matter what you look like you shouldn’t be treated differently.
  5. One example of figurative language in my poem is “when i come from behind my mask everyone will see” and this is an idiom. This contributes to the tone and theme of my poem by showing that the character is passionate about how he thinks he should be viewed. The second figurative language is “ we walk the same grounds” this means that they are equal.
  6. To revise my poem i changed “I am” to “I’m” because it made my poem flow better and I changed “special” to “unique”.
  7. It was very easy for me to write this poem because it is based off a movie and book that i can connect to.
  8. I am pretty satisfied with my final poem because i think it is pretty good and inspiring .

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