Ode to the Beach

By: Emily Taylor

Cold, crisp, and chilly water meet my toes

Salty air like crunchy pretzels

Little crabs finding their home

Seaguls soaring like planes attempting to steal your food

Sand falling through my toes

Dolphins I see, the dogs of ocean

White noise and laughter

Sand sticking to everyone like glue

Who knew!

Sunglasses on my face

While someone opens the beverage case

Sunscreen on faces looking like Casper

Well, it was kind of a disaster!

Sunlight falling down like a waterfall

But thankfully my hat saves me like a hero

The ocean looking so peaceful, yet so violent

Waves crashing like thunder

Music in my ear, like the only sight I see


I’m so thankful I’m here with my family



1.) I published an Ode.

2.) I chose the beach as my subject fr my ode because I love the beach and because there are so many different ways to describe the beach.

3.) The tone of my poem is Joyful.

4.) The theme of my poem is there is no place like the beach.


a. “Sunlight falling like a waterfall”

This is a simile. It contributes to the tone and theme development of my poem because it is a very cheerful and positive line.

b. “Salty air like crunchy pretzels”

This is also a simile. It contributes to the tone and theme development of my poem because when people think of food, more specifically pretzels, they often think of happy thoughts.

6.) Revision

#1) The first revision I made was changing the word “flying” to the word “soaring” in line 4. I changed the word to soaring because I felt that soaring was a more advanced word and it gave more description to my poem.

#2) The second revision I made was changing the space between “Wow!” and the rest of the line. I gave the “Wow!” it’s own line because I felt that it needed more definition and more attention then what it had before.

7) My poem was mostly easy to write because I love the beach and making up positive lines about it isn’t that hard when you love it. I think the part that made it a bit difficult for me to write was the part of making the different lines of figurative language and being creative with my word choice.

8) I am satisfied with my final draft because I met all of the requirements and for the figurative language, I went over the requirements. I’m ado satisfied with it because  at the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to be able to put in any rhyme into it, but at the end, I was able to.

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