Abbie gorman

Every week it’s the same

Same headline just with different people

Students get worried during unplanned fire drills

Not about the possibility of a fire, but of a shooter

Instead of working to solve this problem

The idea to arm teachers comes

We need less guns not more

More gun controls

More mental health centers

Government says they’re gonna make a difference

But don’t work on our panamedic problem

The shootings are the skeletons in America’s closet


  1. My poem is an inspired by poem
  2. The source of my inspired by poem is the recurring headlines on the news
  3. The tone of my poem is irritated
  4. The theme of my poem is shootings
  5. a: The shootings are the skeletons in America’s closet

     b: The type of figurative language is idiom and metaphor

  1. I changed big to panamedic because it seemed like stronger word choice and change to difference.  
  2. This poem was easy to write because it is based on how I feel about this certain situation.
  3. I am very satisfied and I think I did a good job. Good job Abbie.

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