The Spelling Bee

By: Jess Nguyen

Tic tok

Tic tok

The clock counting down

I’m running out of time

It was the semifinals

So close yet so far to getting 1st place


Coming down my face


All on me


Everyone putting on me

10 year old me

Having all this attention


Is as big as the universe

Overpowering people like empires

This feeling felt interminable

Frustration cries during stressful situations

I can see the panic in its eyes

But it all come down to this


Reflection Questions:

1) I published an emotion poem

2) I chose this emotion because it’s something that I feel very often so I know this feeling very well.

3) The tone of my poem is frustrated.

4) The theme of my poem is,”Even in stressful situations, just breathe”.

5) a) “Frustration cries during stressful situations I can see the panic in its eyes”.

b) This is personification.

c) It adds a bigger impact on the poem because it gives you an insight of what the poem is about.

a) “Frustration is as big as the universe, overpowering people like empires”.

b) This is a simile.

c) It shows that the frustration is building up in a person’s body.

6) a) I changed “endless feeling” to “interminable”. I changed it because I wanted the reader to know how deep the feeling was.

b) I moved “Sweat, coming down my face” to the beginning because I wanted the reader to have an image in their head of what was happening.

7) I was fairly easy because I remember this feeling like it was yesterday.

8) I have somewhat satisfied with my final draft because I feel like I could’ve done better, but I did try my best.



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