Ode to Fortnite

By: Sowmith Maganti

Your greatest game of our generation

Getting a number one victory royale

Like being victorious in war


Kill after kill

Like the massacre of bulls

Sending noobs to the lobby

As fast as lightning


Left right and center

Like all the oceans in the world came together

Everything is out control

One by one as tall as the sky

Once you think you won

You get sniped faster than the blink of and eye

Infinitely running up and down hill

Noob learning

Pros engaging

And bush campers

As annoying as bees flying around you

So close but so far

Just for the victory royale

As if that is all there is to the game.


Poetry Publication Reflection


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Questions Responses
  1. Which poem type did you publish?
I published a ode poem about fortnite.
  1. Answer the ONE question that goes with your poem type:
    1. Emotion Poem: Why did you choose this emotion?
    2. Sensory detail Poem: Why did you choose this event as the basis for your poem?
    3. Inspired by poem: What was the source of your inspiration (poem, song, issue)? Why?
    4. Nature/environment poem: Why did you choose this environment?
    5. Allegory: What is the literal meaning (story)? What is the figurative meaning?
    6. Ode: Why did you choose the subject of your ode?
I chose fortnite because it is one of the only games I play right now and it is really fun to grind with friends. Many of your friends have it because it is free.
  1. What is the tone of your poem?
It has a positive tone and is energetic
  1. What is the theme of your poem?
Never give up
  1. Choose TWO examples of figurative language in the poem.


  1. “Getting a number one victory royale
  2. Like being victorious in war”
  3. Simile:
  4. It is a reason to play and not give up.
  1. “Kill after kill
  2. Like the massacre of bulls”
  3. Simile
  4. No matter how many time you die try harder and harder and the you wont die.
  1. What are two specific ways you revised this poem? (Example: “I changed “happy” to “content.”) Why did you make these revisions?
Revision #1:Your greatest game of our generation

Getting a number one victory royale

Like being victorious in war

Explanation: I changed the intro because it was very weak and had no sense of a hook. It was boring and lame.

Revision #2:But never give up

and it is only a game

Explanation:I changed the theme because my tone is positive and my theme had a negative feeling

  1. How easy or difficult was it to write this poem? Why?
It wasn’t very hard because i really like the game and I’ve played for a decent amount of time.
  1. How satisfied are you with your final draft? Explain.
I’m pretty satisfied with the final product because I was always weak when it came to writing poems.


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