By: Brooke Sohn

Sitting on the cool, blue mat with my second family

The bright colorful strobe lights hit out faces

Suddenly the lights began to dim leaving only a bright light on the enormous stage

The announcer starts to speak with a loud, clear voice  

He starts with sixth place

The disappointment in their faces brought me closer to excitement

Sitting in a circle with my eyes closed, clenching onto my friends hand

The rumbling voice calls up the last two finalists

I stand next to my friends and glare at the other team

Out in the stands parents and coaches bite their nails in what is soon to come

As we were sitting there, you could feel the floor vibrating.

Cheer Extreme Thunder he announced

Jumping up and down full of excitement

Tears of joy streaming down our faces

Gold and blue confetti shooting everywhere

The crowd stands to their feet and cheers for us

Walking into the room labeled champion with blaring music playing as we enter

I walk up to fitting ring table and hold out my right hand

The cold metal against my index fingers sends goosebumps to my arms

Shivers travel up my spine and I close my eyes and smile with satisfaction


Reflection questions:

1.The type of poem I wrote was a Sensory detail poem.

2.I chose to do this event as a sensory detail poem because there is a lot of imagery in the event, there was see, touch, and hear all throughout that day. 3.The tone of my poem is triumph and joy

4.The theme of my poem is stay focused and don’t underestimate yourself.

5.One example of a sensory detail is “ The bright color strobe lights hit our faces” this would be a see sensory detail. Another example of a sensory detail is “ the cold medal against my index fingers sends goosebumps to my arms” this would be a touch sensory detail.

6.I could reverse this poem by putting my feet in my competitions shoes and I could make my poem about losing if I was the other team. Another way I coulds reverse my poem is if I recorded the part where I actually competed and not the winning part.

7.It was easy because this event was not that long ago so I have a clear vision of what happened.

8.I am very satisfied because I think it came out great with a lot of senses.


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