An Ode To The Sun


An Ode To The Sun

by:Danny Rutler


The Sun,

A fiery ball in the sky

You go to sleep in the night

You wake up with your morning shine

You are like a king sitting on his shrine

Like a giant light bulb,

You are so proud

Bringing light through the clouds

During the day you bring me joy

Like a child with a brand new toy

The love is like parents hugging a newborn baby

You let the animals come out to play

You rule the sky like Michael Jordan in the NBA

Your reflection on the open ocean

You care for me like you drank a love potion

For you give me the greatest love

You wake me up like a morning dove

When the clouds block your golden glow

You shine right through


Put on a show

The Sun.




  1. My poem was an Ode.
  2. I chose to write an ode about the sun because it is the most beautiful thing in the sky. Without the sun there would be no light and I feel we should be appreciative for that.
  3. The tone of my poem is very loving and appreciative.
  4. The theme is that we should take care of the sun and that we should appreciate it.
  5. “Like a child with a brand new toy.” This is a simile and it helps explain how much the sun fills me with joy. “You go to sleep in the night.” This is personification because the sun can’t actually go to sleep. It explains how the sun sets and the moon comes out in the night.
  6. One revision I did was change Lebron James to Michael Jordan. I did this because I really wanted to emphasize how the sun rules the sky. Another example is when I changed you glow right through to you shine right through because I used glow on the line before and I felt like it didn’t flow very well on the readers tongue.
  7. This poem was fairly easy to write because I have a large appreciation of the sun.
  8. I’m very satisfied with my final draft because I worked hard and I had a purpose behind writing it.

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